Picture of 44 Fanciful Uses for Dud Discs
What do you do with all those dud discs?
You know the kind I mean-

-that CD of Joe Nobody playing Golden Oldies on nose flute that you got for $1 and are too ashamed to give to Auntie Flo after all
-the CD you burnt with that one song you were obsessed with, listened to 40,000 times and never want to hear again
-the CD your ex gave you with sappy songs you never liked
- the free sample film/TV show promo or software CD
-the game you played in 1990- and is a bit outdated
- the install disc from 3 printers ago, or the camera you lost
- the “Gonna make you a MILLIONAIRE” DVD that seemed good
-the DVD you tried to make that won’t play on any of your DVD players (or that you maybe wouldn’t want anyone to see anyhow)
-the CD or DVD you mucked up when you burnt it,
- and most annoying of all, the brand new CD that your computer won’t record onto no matter what you do!

What a waste to throw away these potentially valuable, shiny, beautifully formed objects.. so I set myself the task of coming up with new uses for them- some obvious, some practical, some fun, some just silly. It seemed like a worthwhile thing to do at the time.... and after numerous hours of experimenting and photographing, here’s the list.
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alajnabiya4 years ago

You can cut up CDs to make the little mirrors used in "shisha" embroidery. I got the idea from this blog http://loopylace.com/anniescrazyworld/?p=570

I have also made crochet hot pads (trivets) with a CD inside to protect the table from hot pots.
mirrors.jpgcd trivets.jpg
Puzzledd (author) 4 years ago
Check out http://www.instructables.com/id/CD-Art/ for beautiful CD artwork by Swapnal- easy and so effective. It no doubt helps to be artistic too, but even a simple design would look great!
eydryan4 years ago
using CDs as frisbees is a VERY BAD IDEA! they have enough speed and sharpness to cut skin and you could really get hurt with one of those. of course, the farther you throw the less energy it retains but still could be a dangerous toy so be careful with them!
Puzzledd (author)  eydryan4 years ago
Thanks for the warning!

We have lots of space and don't throw hard, but you're quite right- they could hurt.

They'd be OK thrown at a (non-living) target, or into a container :)
yes they would :D

but I'm telling you that out of experience, we played at a party with cds and a friend got his lip cut and another had a nice gash on his nose from them. they're fast and moderately sharp.

but either way, the point is having fun :D
Puzzledd (author)  eydryan4 years ago
Oh, gosh! Thanks for letting us know- certainly caution is called for!!
I'll revise that idea in the Instructable.... and suggest the other ways of using them :)
CrimsonXLR4 years ago
Awesome, I have alot of CD/DVD coasters around so now I can put them to good use by printing photos and such other things on them.
Puzzledd (author)  CrimsonXLR4 years ago
Yes! I hadn't thought of printing but of course you can do DVD labels- that would make great coasters etc -thanks for that idea!
bgcyclist4 years ago
Make a drop spindle for spinning fiber into yarn. It's a great beginner's tool.
Puzzledd (author)  bgcyclist4 years ago
Sounds good! Thanks:)
Here's a like that can explain it better than can.
Puzzledd (author)  bgcyclist4 years ago
That's an excellent link, thanks! It's a very clear explanation for spinners- (I wasn't quite sure what a drop spindle was) :)
tcup bgcyclist4 years ago
That is interesting, could you pass on some instructions?
bgcyclist tcup4 years ago
Here's a like that can explain it better than can.
tcup bgcyclist4 years ago
Thank you, that was very helpful.
Sewicked4 years ago
49. Decorate the non-shiny side with pictures (drawn, cut from magazines, etc) and hang several of them as a mobile.

50. Tie several of them together with colorful yarn and string for a very shiny, '90's take on a 70's fashion' belt
Puzzledd (author)  Sewicked4 years ago
Nice ones, thanks!
gabyripple4 years ago
I bet you could pin them to your clothes and use them as cheapo reflectors while out jogging/biking/whatever at night - just hotglue a safety pin to the matte side and away you go!
Puzzledd (author)  gabyripple4 years ago
Great idea! Thanks! I went and bought reflective strips,but CDs would really reflect well :)
GMer564 years ago
45. Place 2 discs over your eyes (so you can see through the center holes) and secure in place with a (large) rubber band. Very froody glasses.

46. Attach to clothing to make self more visible other vehicles at night, while walking, shoveling snow, etc.

47. Heat in boiling water and cut out a sawblade pattern. Useful for scaring people.

48. Use for target practice. if the cd survives the heat from the bullets (and holes) make nice patterns on the disc, but make sure the cd isn't reflecting the sun at you ^^
Puzzledd (author)  GMer564 years ago
Thanks- the reflector on clothes at night is excellent - I'll ue that when I go for walks:)
DGW4 years ago
Some good ideas. I just saw some on a roadside tree as a reflector and they were highly visible. Another great idea is to use them as scales on a large fish sculpture, (See image below).
Puzzledd (author)  DGW4 years ago
WOW! How gorgeous is that!
Ninzerbean DGW4 years ago
How cool!
RaNDoMLeiGH4 years ago
I've used them for a few projects:

drilled a hole near the "top" edge with a 1" spade bit and used it as a planchette for a handcrafted spirit board -- sometimes decorating with paper, sometimes just using a blank frisbee disc,

covered with paper and painted up for a pendulum board,

melted and warped creatively for Arty Art (use a microtorch and hold the thing with pliers) (this is more satisfying than it ought to be),

used to make  a platter type display for my table at crafty shows,

drilled lots of little holes in them (I heart my drill press) and hung earrings from the edge, epoxied a dowel rod though the hole and stuck the whole thing in a bucket of marbles for a display (do more than one and at different levels for a whimsical effect),

chopped them up carefully with a fine-bladed jewellery saw and made earrings, charms, bracelets, magnets, and ornaments out of the pieces,

made a curtain out of them so it's shiny on one side and decoupaged Arty Deep Thoughts re: communication on the label side,

glued to a convex clock lens of exactly the same diameter for a scrying tool (paint the inside of the clock lens black). Glued a strong magnet inside so the thing is magnetic,

and created shiny mobiles from whole and chopped up CDs.

Puzzledd (author)  RaNDoMLeiGH4 years ago
These sound a bit complicated for me - but fabulous!
Thanks for sharing them!!
ventifact4 years ago
Disks with bright day-glo covers make good targets for "snorkel Hunt" games in the pool or shallow water.

Plant markers.

Stringing several together by their edges is a flashy kite tail.
Puzzledd (author)  ventifact4 years ago
Great ideas- thanks!
HollyHarken4 years ago
Many years ago I came up with this idea. Take a string of Christmas lights with the clear 7 or 9 bulbs. Remove the bulb, put the disk in between the bulb shiny side down to act as a reflector and then screw in the bulb. I use them a camp around the dining canopy. The best time to buy a set of lights is after Christmas when they are 50 percent off. Also buy a few packs of replacement lights for when the bulbs burn out.

I also use CD's to scare birds away from my black berry bushes. I drilled a small hole in the top and strung some clear fishing line on them and then hung them on the branches of my berry bush.
Puzzledd (author)  HollyHarken4 years ago
The Christmas lights sound lovely!

Did the CDs work to scare away the birds? Someone told me they wouldn't- but maybe that's our Aussiebirds- budgies love their own reflection!

Thanks for the ideas:)
Good instructable. Love the up-cycle ideas.

Another idea--cut up or break into small pieces. Use them as mosaic tiles. You can use regular mosaic style glue--just wipe off any smears. Then grout. Clean.
use color yarn to create multiple "chain" of CDs and use them to create a room divider or curtain.
For the plinkers of the world, if your range is tolerable (and you make an effort to clean up broken parts, or create a blind that will automatically catch all plastic), CD's make excellent targets for small arms. There's a satisfying shattering when you miss the "bulls-eye" hole, and if you do manage to squeeze a small caliber through the center, it often leaves a flash mark as proof. Unfortunately, my current range does not allow this...but my old one used to - great fun for those hundreds of AOL disks I collected over the years with no aim in mind.

For the rest of the world, if your neighbors (and village/town/city police, etc.) are tolerable, you can glue two disks back to back (shiny sides out) and hang them from fishing line or similar from trees so they can spin in the wind. We created an entire CD tree which everyone loved (until our village decided the flash could possibly distract drivers...after two years of the village council copying us...and one of them finally got in trouble with a passing-through county sheriff). Hang them from sculptures, foliage, eaves, etc. The spinning creates great patterns, and if you have colored spotlights, you can have an outdoor disco.
Puzzledd (author)  valhallas_end4 years ago
The targets sound lots of fun - do you hang them up? Hard to get through the hole!
I guess it would be too hard to throw them up like clay pigeons ...

I LOVE your CD tree! If you had somewhere near lights and away from the road, it could be spectacular and safe too.

Thanks for the ideas!
Heh we kind of cheated and just taped them to the target backing boards (particle boards set upright). That way, if the hole is over a clean section of board, you can also see a nice hole in the board appear, and then the burn on the CD for proof later. I actually have seen people who use CD's for skeet, though - if you glue about 10 of them together, and are in a nice, wide open, unregulated area (I've run into skeet shooters in Arizona and Utah), they make great substitutes for clays. Although, you really want someone else to throw (preferably not completely drunk, either, as the shooters from Arizona were) - the plastic doesn't shatter as nicely as clays and can launch horrid splinters at you.

The CD tree was fantastic, and we eventually did recreate one in our backyard (enclosed by a fence). They're also really fun to hang over a fish pond - back when we had fish (who were incredibly curious about light flashes and not the least bit scared), we had a number dangling on lines over the pond. The multiple reflections looked stunning, especially with red and green spotlights.
Puzzledd (author)  valhallas_end4 years ago
Sounds like lots of fun! I used to have friends with rifles, and loved target shooting. We live on 20 acres so shooting is a bit dangerous here with properties bordering ours (plus we don't know enough about guns to be safe)- but we do have dozens of rabbits:(

The fish pond set-up sounds lovely, too.
Are there any ranges you could visit? We found our new range by sheer luck - the man my aunt married is the director of safety at the sportsman's club, as well as a repeat pistol champion.
Puzzledd (author)  valhallas_end4 years ago
There probably are- but I already have so many interests (Instructables is my latest) that I can't fit them all in - if only we didn't need to sleep ;sigh; Thanks for the suggestion, tho!
rimar20004 years ago
Puzzledd (author)  rimar20004 years ago
Interesting... not sure quite how it would work.

I do have instructions for a key transposer wheel (made on cardboard) on my website, www.cathyschords.com

I would be interested to see how you could do one with a CD:)
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