Step 10: Christmas

Picture of Christmas
mini snowman 1.jpg
Xmas decoration.jpg
Candle collar .JPG
40. Make mini snowmen as Christmas decorations: mix salt dough (see " Fun for Kids" for recipe- leave out colouring - this recipe makes one snowman); form into a little snowman about 4 inches/10cm high, place on a disc, shiny side up, sprinkle with a little extra salt and decorate with little twigs, a bottle top hat and a strip of material for a scarf - see photos 1 & 2.

41. Photo 3 - Cut a circular picture out of a Christmas card or paper to cover the non-shiny side, glue it on (add a small loop for a hanger) and hang on your Christmas tree. Use craft glue or strong glue. You can glue tinsel around the edge if you like. 

42. Do the same as above, but without the hanger, and put little gift or chocolates on top; wrap up with cellophane and tie at the top for a novel gift presentation

43. Stick a thin candle through the hole and use as a drip collar for Carols by Candlelight -Photo 4

Kikot4 years ago
it's the Gandalf's staff!
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Yes- maybe I should have made the snowman thinner, wih a beard and cloak!