Step 2: Wash Your Orange!

Picture of Wash Your Orange!
I recommend buying organic produce because it yields the best flavor but any kind of orange will do. Remember to wash it thoroughly, preferably with a fruit/veggie wash. This is important because the entire orange will be submerged in alcohol and whatever is on the orange peel will end up IN your final product.
really organic does not taste any different from non. its all the same varieties as the non organic if you want a better tasting fruit or veg go with a kind that is not sold in the supermarket.
if you can get local produce, it usually tastes much better, (organic or not). When fruits are shipped long distances, they're picked prematurely so that they wont bruise when shipped. They're ripened artificial using hydrocarbon gas to change the colour of the skin. although they look ripe, they lack the flavor of naturally ripened fruit. hard to buy local oranges in a lot of places though...