Introduction: 4*4*4 LED Cube

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I made this LED cube to celebrate this Diwali in a Eco-friendly way.

The cube is made by using 64 Green LED's in all by stacking layers of LED mesh.

The challenge which remains in making this cube is constructing the cube structure itself .

Difficulty level - Medium

Step 1: Materials Required

Picture of Materials Required

You need the following materials for making LED cube :-

> Arduino Uno

>Green LED * 64

>Soldering iron and wire

>Sand Paper


>Connecting Wires

Step 2: Test All LEDs

check for the continuity of each LED with a multi-meter.

Step 3: Diffusing the LED's

Picture of Diffusing the LED's

To Diffuse a LED rub the LED against a sandpaper.

Diffusing makes the LED appear dimmer, but gives a wider viewing angle of the light.

Step 4: Preparing a Jig

Picture of Preparing a Jig

I am using thermocol to prepare the jig .

The jig would provide a frame to make layers of LED mesh .

Draw a square of 4''*4'' dimensions and punch out holes .

Step 5: Creating Layers

Picture of Creating Layers

Bend the cathode of LED perpendicular to the anode leg.

Let the anode of each LED face vertically upwards.

Place the LED into the punched out holes in the jig.

Cut equal lengths of hookup wires and solder all cathode legs of the LED together.

Step 6: Stacking Layers

Picture of Stacking Layers

Thread hookup wire along the anode terminals which are facing vertically upwards.

Step 7: Test Each Grid

Picture of Test Each Grid

It is wise to test each grid with a multimeter set to continuity to rule out any defective LED or any broken contact in the grid.

Test the entire cube again after stacking all layers.

Step 8: Making Connections With Arduino

Picture of Making Connections With Arduino

Step 9: Upload Sketch

Open you Arduino IDE and upload the sketch.

You can get the code from the link below

Step 10: Watch and Learn

You can also watch my descriptive video on making your own 4*4*4 LED cube.

Hope you found it intresting. Do feel to leave your queries down in the comment section.

Once again Happy Diwali to all.


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-10-19

Nice build. I really like the video that you made. It really does a great job of illustrating the assembly and the finished performance.

thank you .do support me by subscribing to my channel.

inconceivable1 (author)2017-10-20

man that looks like alot of work

thanks buddy !!!

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