Introduction: .45 ACP Bullet Prop

Big straw is exactly the same size as 11mm bullet shell. Amazing. 

Like always, this is not a high quality prop, but hope you enjoy watching my video.


PS. If you have an airbrush, that would make your work awesome.


SuperScourge (author)2013-05-03

So can any straw do for this? I plan to make about a prop box full of these

propsnplay (author)SuperScourge2013-05-05

For me. I used matcha tea straw. it 9 mm diameter (or nearly) and hard enough. If you can find any tube that has 9 mm or 11 mm diameter, It will work just fine. (straw, small pvc pipe, pen etc.)

gurumaker (author)2013-03-04

cool vid

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