45 Minute Flat Pack Rainbow Bookshelf





Introduction: 45 Minute Flat Pack Rainbow Bookshelf

This bookshelf is approximately 5 feet high, 6 feet long and 9" wide.
What's great about this shelf is it's super easy to do, looks great visually and packs up flat to an area of 6"x9"x72"! Even this could be made to disappear when you spread out the shelves under your bed mattress ;-)
I'm calling this the 45 minute bookshelf cause it's that easy! ( this is discounting the sanding and painting time!)

Step 1: Wood Cut to Size

These measurements are according to how long I wanted the shelf to be and how high I wanted each shelf. Cutting the shelf length and pillar height is all up to you !



drill driver


paint brush


For shelves - 6 - 3/4" x 10" x 72"

For pillars - 2"x2"

For legs - 2"x2"

And paint of your choice!

If you have a wonderful lumber yard where they would cut your wood to size...then all you need is a drill driver to assemble it!

Step 2: Cut and Prime

I cut my pillars to the size I wanted.

14 - 12" high pillars for top shelves

9 - 8" high pillars for bottom shelves.

5 - 3" high pillars for legs

I didn't bother sanding the pillars as I used wall filler on the pillars for texture ( Also to give my children something to do ;-) They love using this texture method! )

Sand the planks and then prime and sand again.

Step 3: Paint Rainbows!

I just LOVE the colors of the rainbow. So I decided to color the pillars in Rainbow colors and the planks white.

Step 4: Pre- Drill

Find the center point of the pillars and drill on either side.

Now mark on one plank the center and drill. Mark the 4 points where you want the first 4 corner pillars to be and drill.

This would be the top plank.

Now place this plank on another plank and using the first as a guide drill the 2nd plank.

Mark the inner 4 corners for the inner pillars on the 2nd plank. Now use this as the template to drill the rest of the planks.

Step 5: Assembling

Assembling is very easy bottom to top.

1- Screw in the legs - I drilled and screwed right through the center purple leg to the center blue pillar.

2. Screw in the blue pillars..

3.Screw the rest of the planks with their pillars.

4 Now place each shelf on top of the other as shown in picture and screw them tight from the bottom.

Now wasn't that super easy?

Step 6: Variations!

You can easily have variations! Mix up the pillars! Have 2 shelves and a bench! The Choice is up to you!

I hope you find this instructable useful and someday make one. If you do please post a picture!

I would also love to hear any feedback from you :-)

Please if you like this, don't forget to vote! your vote is alwaysappreciated!



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    Awesomeness! My 6 year old wants a bookshelf and this is a great idea since she loves Rainbows and a lot of her furniture is white ❤️❤️❤️I can also do this for my other kids with Camo colors or anything! Thank you for the inspiration!

    Your welcome! please post a picture once you do...would love to see it!

    Thank you so much!

    Love this! Am thinking of adding backs and making a modern dollhouse? I would also use as a bookcase as you intended. I love your colors as well. Thank you for sharing!

    That would look awesome! Make the top the shape of a roof...it would look fantastic :-)

    Thanks :-).
    Wish I had time to visit your dad's lumber shop!

    cool, nice and simple solution

    Thanks! :-)