Picture of 45 Record Wreath
Instead of tossing damaged 45s in the garbage or melting them into coasters, try making a new decoration for your home!
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Step 1: Arrange records

Picture of Arrange records
Start with some CLEAN, used 45s that can no longer be played on a turntable, but shouldn't be thrown out. I used 10 for this wreath. I started by placing two next to each other, and one on top, continuing the repeat pattern until the circle was complete. I used E600 craft adhesive to glue the records together- I'd avoid hot glue, as these are pieces of vinyl!

Step 2: Layering

Picture of Layering
Continue staggering the records until you reach the size/shape of wreath you'd like.

Step 3: Drying time

Picture of Drying time
Let the wreath sit for anywhere from 24-72 hours. The drying time will vary based on climate, weight, etc.

Step 4: Show it off

Picture of Show it off
Apply decorations and seal. I used 45 inserts for some "color" and used Mod Podge, a craft-friendly sealant, over the entire wreath so that it could go outside.

HANG IT UP! I used fishing line to hang it up since it's strong, can go outside, and is invisible.