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This gun is my first instructable, so it probably won't be my best. it is pretty accurate and shoots pretty good.  It doesn't have a true trigger, though. still, it's a good pistol. hope you like it.

pros: fairly accurate, fairly good range

cons: no true trigger 


dr. richtofen (author)2012-03-29

It isn't too good. In 2012, you'll certainly get haters for posting an block trigger gun. Try making an good, true trigger gun. Furthermore, make an better handle and barrel, and maybe an magazine.


my brother made it better and it has a thumb trigger, which is just as good. you can make a magazine if you want, if you aren't a hater.

Meh, I don't hate you, or this. I'm not gonna make this (I already have a gun now, and not much knex left) I gave some advice, for future guns.

grts, dr richtofen

ok send the tips to me.

i will make instructions with a piece count if i get 10 followers

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Bio: i am new to this site, so my instructables won't be that good. i am always open to suggestions for mods or new instructables.
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