These are a whole bunch of things to make with the 555 timer IC with a note for each picture.
I do not take credit for these schematics, they were made by Collin Mitchel.

As you would probably think it took me a very long time to make this but it was night and i was wanting to waste some time so i hope you like it!

I have descriptions for each and every picture so feel free to ask questions!
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MohammadA97 months ago

what program used to make these circuits

plz help

use circuit wizard , that the best software for making 555 timer projects visit techmess.page.tl

Use diptrace
SaeedH11 month ago

most the circuit given in above article works , i presonally made 60 % of circuit and its really a great fun ,so i decided to make each project and write an article for students so that they can learn and use for their projects ,reports

visit http://techmess.page.tl

Tanmayg2 months ago
HoW to use the tv remote jammer
ponchbelly made it!4 months ago

I built the toy organ and substituted a photo detector (5k - 500K ohm) instead of the pot. I had a ton of fun moving my had up and down to change pitch and used the other hand to control the tactile buttons. Well done!

jonatun4 months ago
pvsssuneel5 months ago

i made it

MsOnliner.7 months ago

555 timer projects with ppt and reports


Use diptrace

not sure if he used it but very good free software

eswarasaiv8 months ago

can any one help metal detector with 555 timer

kawser999 months ago

hello ,I am in the process of making in this CKT

pwamutitu2 years ago
hallo i need to make an led signboard with as many led's as possible. probably 500. how can i drive the leds using 555 and 4017 without compromising on current. what would be the ideal voltage. reply pwamutitu@yahoo.com.

Oh man, if you want to drive MORE than 500 LEDs by 555 and 4017, you nedd REALLY MUCH soldering and contruction. Use MCU, its easier and you can take it what you want. But you probably will need multiplexer. Just use think called google.

asamudrala1 year ago
Hello Guys, I am facing difficulty in finding good microphone for sound operated robot with 555, I purchased many mic. phones but its range is very. How could I amplify n improve its range? please suggest me the best one.

get a wireless mic and provide a receiver to the robot.

jde zila1 year ago

please i need full project work on TV signal booster. my phone number is 233241386559. electronic mail is dzilajaewoon@gmail.com. please i need this badly

ThatCatMan2 years ago
I would like the see a full page on that metal detector
colin553 years ago
All these circuits were drawn by me: COLIN MITCHELL
See my website: talking electronics.com
and 555 circuit eBook with descriptions of the circuits
MROHM colin552 years ago
Thanks Colin,,, Awesome designs you have here!!!! Unfortunately the Designer of the 555 chip Hans Camerzind passed away Recently,,His Design of The 555 chip made it a Household Name!!! The 555 is still one of the most widely used I.C.chips in the history of I.C. electronics!!! Actually with all the circuits we have here I Don't know which one I want to Breadboard Here!!!
Colin, I recognized your drawings immediately and wanted to point out this author's source from which the drawings were shamelessly copied, then saw that you already did, and it seems that nobody cares... the dark side of open sharing I guess... at least the link you gave will expose your generously informative website to some new readers.
Jimmy Proton (author)  georgelstuart2 years ago
Actually I emailed him and asked permission to use these schematics which he allowed.
mgriff colin552 years ago
Mr. Colin55
My name is Mike
I have a question or a favor for you maybe you can help me. Thanks in Advance
I am in the process of making a board game called shut the box it's a dice board game. I'm sure you have heard of it for my daughter. Instead of flipping wooden numbers I would like to use some type of ic numbers 1-9 that are fixed so all I have to do is push a button coresponing to the specific number to turn it on or off if you look at google images under shut the box to get a better idea of what im talking about. any help would be greatly appreciated you can email me at mag200181@gmail.com
thank you so much
Sir i need some helpful material for music box. Kindly provide how it works?? waiting for ur reply. smya_tripathi24@rediffmail.com
billbillt2 years ago
merva2 years ago
hi can i have the working explanation of door bell circuit for back door and front door plz i really need it i wanna understand how the Ic is working
buike2 years ago
pls can i geta circuit diagram for a 5watts wailing siren
jensenr302 years ago
wow! this is one 555 timer instructable that I can really get behind!
I find that most of them are way too many describing how to do the same thing. but you have really done a neat thing putting all of these different projects together!

I like it.
Lucky7x72 years ago
You have sensitive touch switch twice... : ) only because you asked
~CableGuy2 years ago
man just,... W.O.W!, GREAT! (+ 100 other positive words)
EA ready2 years ago
I need help with coming up with a circuit or finding one that will operate a remote control car to 22 feet then cut off. If anyone have any ideas or can point me in the right direction it will be appreciated!!
aesquivel4 years ago
Hi there, for the "Stun Gun", can I replace the 10nF capacitors for 100nF? these are the only ones I can get at 400V, also, can I replace the BD679 darlington for a TIP122?
Jimmy Proton (author)  aesquivel4 years ago
Im not sure the 100nF capacitors will make much of a difference and yeah that should work, it seems to be the same things but with higher ratings.
could you use 10nf with 500v?
yes why not!
azharz3 years ago
Wow nice projects to do with a 555 timer IC
EdDruino3 years ago
please help! [nub]
at the tv remote Jammer project, the [5r6] is a 6 ohm resistor and 470r - 470 ohm R? and please...which is the transistor's code?
Jimmy Proton (author)  EdDruino3 years ago
The R just stands for resistance, so the number next to it is ohms. And there is no specific code for the transistor, I assume that you could just use any general purpose NPN transistor.
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