The 48 Channel Mono/16  Channel RGB LED Controller by Chromation Systems can be used to independantly control 48 groups/channels (up to 120ma per group) of mono-color LEDs or 16 groups/channels of common anode RGB LEDs. It utilizes 3x TLC5940 LED drivers controlled with a PIC 18F2550 microcontroller. The PIC runs at 48mhz, has USB connectivity and controls the drivers through a modified SPI interface. The default firmware uses 8-bit PWM(256 brightness levels) and has a 1.5khz PWM frequency. All LED anodes are connected in parallel and the cathodes are connected to the controller as the outputs sink current. There are 3 connection options for the LEDs, direct soldering, screw down terminal blocks, and headers/housings.

There are two primary types of Firmware compatible with different computer software that interfaces with them, the software is used to create a multitude of custom patterns and settings and upload them to the controller for it to run by itself without a computer connection.
Choose From: For RGB LED Control, Chromation Systems ColorMotion Software or for control of Single Color LEDs(regular) Chromation Systems MonoMotion Software can be used.

Using the full version of either MonoMotion or ColorMotion firmware or the either type Demo firmware allows live control of the device over USB via emulated COM(serial) port. Live data can be streamed to the device extremely fast, over 100 frames per second.  Sample Processing code for Live Mode Control can be found on the RGB Demo Software Page.

Visit www.ChromationSystems.com/48channled.html for downloads, updates and more information.

For most of the information please view/download The Datasheet

Step 1: Parts and Tools

Parts: Purchase a Complete Kit, all the parts for the controller are included. RGB LEDs are ext
  • Printed Circuit Board, Buy One
  • 4x 28-pin sockets
  • 1x 18F2550, comes programmed with ColorMotion Firmware or custom firmware. Buy One
  • 3x TLC5940, DIP package
  • 2x 22pF disc capacitor C1 & C2
  • 1x 220nF disc capacitor, C3
  • 2x 0.1uF disc capacitors, C4, & C5
  • 2x 1uF Electrolytic Capacitors, C6 & C7
  • 3x Iref Resistors, R1, R3, R4, Value Varies on Required Current, TLC590 Iref Web Calculator
  • 2.2kohm 1/6w USB Sense resistor, R11
  • 2x 100kohm 1/6w resistor, R12 & R13
  • 5x 10kohm 1/6w resistors, R2, R7, R8, R9, R10
  • 20mhz oscillator, OSC
  • 5-pin ICSP Header, optional
  • Terminal Blocks or Header/Housings/Crimps or None, Option Selected When Purchasing
  • 3x Momentary push buttons
  • Perforated board for mounting the push buttons/switches
  • 10" 4 strand ribbon cable, for the switches
  • 8" dual-strand, red & black wire for power input

LEDs: (Not included with the Kit, but can be included with a kit at a discount)
  • Soldering Iron and accessories
  • Pliers
  • Diagonal Cutters
  • Hot Glue Gun, optional but helpful

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