Step 11: Final Assembly

Picture of Final Assembly
After we had finished the assembly, we had to wire it up. Within a few hours, we were testing it up and down the parking lot. It really accelerates quickly and we have not tested it for top speed. It is estimated to do better than 50 mph.
The controller we used can connect to a PC via a serial (RS-232) cable. With the freeware on their site, alltraxinc.com, you can view statistics in real time, change settings, and adjust the power curve for the throttle.
amaineman575 years ago
Hopefully you will carefully take note of your bearings and ability to stop at those speeds. A cruiser bicycle is not usually taken up to such speed. Tires too can fail catastrophically when over sped past their designed limits.
He does seem to have "beefy" tires, i'm not sure what the exact limits are for those tires so it may be possible. However the disc brakes are a real help. Of course your post is not without merit 50mph is FAST.
I'm making some thing like this, I have put hours in to find all the parts and i'm missing one part the; motor! can you tell me where to get one like it or the website you got it off.