498 V1 Scorpion Rifle



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Introduction: 498 V1 Scorpion Rifle

About: Hey, My name is a Ashley I am 16 and I Love playing Video Games and Building With K'nex :D

Here is my rifle that I made with K'NEX
sorry for the bad pics but I am using my webcam
I made it a few months agoand believe it or not but this started out as a pistol
if people aske me I will make an instructable



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    because i have a gun that i built it is not poted yet but i shoots red rods and i got 47 feet range

    my fone takes wayyyyyyyyyy better pics.
    but i still use a camera! 

    take ten seconds get up from your computer, get your real camera, take pics and upload them!!

    if you dont have a camera use a neighbors camera

    It's ok.  Not good not bad.

    i do apologise for the pics though as i used my webcam

    it looks sweet. 4* but its hard to tell because of your crappy pics

    did you take those pics with your mobile phone? I like the gun and nice scopish thing but we need better pics