ether you have a water outage
live in the 3rd world (like me)
or camping
you will need to keep ur self clean and here is how

Step 1: What Will U Need

4 Litres of water
a clean 1 litre plastic bowl

a cup (optional)

a clean cotton cloth (or a small towel)

DETTOL® or a similar product

Step 2: Preparation

add one capfull of DETTOL into ur bowl

fill it 3/4 with water

soak the cloth in it
*pro tip warm the water if needed

Step 3: Cleaning Ur Self

squeeze the cloth so its not dripping any more

start rubbing you body well

rub ur head ,torso,bake lags arms arm-pits and privet parts

Step 4: Use What's Left

start using whats left from the water-DETTOL® mix by directly appling it to ur body
poor some on you hair to (if u find rinse-less shampoo then great if not use hair cram after the shower)

Step 5: Rinse

rinse your self by slowly pouring water on ur head and body (use the cup here if u need)

make sure u clean your billy bottom,privies and armpits so they wont get irritated by dettol

Step 6: All Done

if you don't like the smell of dettol use a perfume after shower

<p>So fresh, so clean. 4L is impressive. I've only used as little as 5L, and I think I did a worse job than what you've indicated here. </p><p>Try using the image rotation feature to make the project look as clean as you do.</p>
<p>sorry my e-net is as slow as the 199x it's a telephone land line based connection :( sorry </p>
<p>California is in a drought right now, people should be using this technique! </p>
<p>always happy to help, spread the word</p>

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