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So this is for those who are new to Lead Acid batteries and about charging them , A cute Little 4V battery charger

SO What we need to charge a 4V Lead acid battery, all we need is A 5V regulated supply, and let's make it ......


1. 5V Voltage Regulator ..... ----- I.e . Ls7805

2.Header Pins Or anything you want to use to connect the battery to circuit

3. 1N4001 rectifier Diode

4.An ECB, Or breadboard or anything like that........

Step 1: The Circuit

First you need a DC power source Which Is Greater than 7Volts for the battery charger to work correctly, you can attach a laptop charger with a dc jack , or you can also use a set top box Adapter. and at the output of voltage Regulator connect the battery

Circuit is In the pictures


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Step 2: FINISHED ............

don't mind about the capacitor, it in not used in circuit............

How much time this circuit would take to fully charge battery
<p>actually the best solution for these batteries are those li-po or ni-cd battery chargers</p>
<p>I think , charging voltage per cell should be 2.3V to 2.45V and a charging current of c/10. http://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/charging_the_lead_acid_battery</p><p>so for a 4V 500mAh battery it should be 4.6 to 4.9 @ 50 mA . I have Sunca 4v 1000mAh and i am looking forward to make a charger.</p>
Cnt we just use a 5v adapter and a diode to charge it ???<br>
and yes , yogeshwara, you can ,but with a ressistor. in series...
<p>and let me remind you.....more the current will be (greater than 41.6%) more is the possibility of damaging the battery.... for limiting the current you can use a resistor .</p>
<p>actually the indicator is a problem for mee to (Actually I am working on it..)..... but you can check the status of battery by measuring the voltage by voltmeter the voltage of a fully charged battery is 4.2V , and never use a power supply of more than 41.6% current of that of the capacity of battery else it will cause the sulphuric acid inside to boil.... that's the reason why I am working on a newer version..... it would be coming soon.... by the end of may....</p>
Cnt we just use a 5v adapter and a diode to charge it ???<br>
How to know when it is fully charged
<p>An update is coming soon my friends </p>

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