4ft Ferris Wheel



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Introduction: 4ft Ferris Wheel

this is a project I'm working on but can't figure out how to motorize the wheel strongly if you have any suggestions I'd love to see and hear about them in the comment section! thanks! in the last4 pictures you see I'm looking for a geared motor for power and chained up to drive the wheel. any idea will be taken into consideration.



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    There are 4 or so prongs of the end of the motor. The piece that serves as the axis: I would think to expand it. Push the 4 prongs into a connector (probably a white one) then secure it on the other side. Maybe you already tried this? The build looks good so far!

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    im so sorry i could not get to you earlyer but i ran out of time. Thanks for the suggestion but i tried that first

    i'm probably going to take this down after 6 suggestions.