Introduction: 4oz Fool Proof Paintball Handgrenade

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This is a (almost) fool proof handgrenade for paintball. Plus it is reuseable!

Step 1: Making the Grenade Body.

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1. Go menards or similar store and buy a 10ft piece of LATEX tubing.
3. Buy some pull pins.
4. go home and cut the 10ft piece into 23 5" pieces. cut the last five inches into little rings, but not to little, a little over an 1/8 of an inch.
5. tie a knot at the eind of the tubing and scrunch it down to the end.
6. now comes the fun part....

Step 2: Filling Grenades

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1. take the tube and wedge it over the end of the syringe.
2. fill the tube untill you reach the 4 oz mark.
3. holding the tubing and nozzle together FIRMLY, push the plunger filling the grenade.
4. there will be a little air left inside, just pull the plunger back SLOWLY untill all air is removed.

Step 3: Attaching the Safety.

Picture of Attaching the Safety.

1. holding the grenade by the nozzle clamp it with a locking well clamp.
2. then pull back on the plunger as hard as you can. this will pull the water out of tthe tube preventing a mess.
3. pop the tubing off of the syringe.
4. if you hear any hissing clamp the clamp down as hard as it will go, and if that doesn't stop it from hissing go outside and remove the clamp, the tubing is no good.
5. fold the tubing on the end over a pull pin with a safety catch on it and then streach the safety catch over the end of the pull pin.
6. pull the tubing straight, it will alow the safety catch to seat right.
7. make sure the the safety catch is sitting flat.
8. go outside and remove the clamp. if you hear hissing or even a little leaking replace the clamp and move the safety catch down farther. put it in a sealed container over night with a paper towel in the bottom to see if it is leaking. this is not important if you will be using it immediately, it is if you are planning on storing them though.

Step 4: Using Grenade

1. pinch on the safety and pull pin.
2. let go and lob at target.
3. sit and laugh as the people don't see it coming.
4. enjoy victory!!!


rexferal (author)2012-09-01

i found folding the top over once and securing it with two sticks held together by those little rubber bands they use for braces makes it so if you lob it in the air the sticks pop of when it hits the ground. i wrap it once around itself so it turns a complete revolution while emptying.

azurelupine (author)2011-06-10

4 oz.= 118 cc's (if you're using a syringe graduated in cc's) Ask your doctor, vet, or pharmacist for a "Large bore irrigation syringe" Failing that, try looking for a "mainade injector" (essentially the same thing) 8-)

supershot1 (author)2011-04-14

you know what they say
"If you fool proof something they will only make a better fool."

music is my lfe2 (author)2008-09-21

wher do u get latex tubing

any hard ware store, I got mine at Home Depot, and I know Lowes carries it. Its found in the plumbing section, or close by. If all else fails, you can ask an employee where to find latex tubing.

Father Christmas (author)2009-04-12

And I thought my images were blurry...

PKTraceur (author)2008-08-02

Where can you buy syringe? i am in need of syringe in multiple projects, (not medical, of course!) and would like to know where to buy them.

Prop (author)PKTraceur2008-11-23

I dont know if you got an answer to this but you can get them at any pharmacy...I think you usual just have to ask for them.

Prop (author)2007-10-19

This is the same thing (almost exactly) as mine....?!?

Kaiven (author)Prop2008-08-19

wtf? i noticed that too!

MattBurch1579 (author)2007-07-15

Nise instruction, but could you please retake the photos? It feels like I'm looking at vanGough's interpretation of paintball grenade construction.

ritter4242 (author)MattBurch15792007-07-15

Sorry about that. I was using a web cam, I'll retake the pictures soon and repost them.

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