4th of July Nails





Introduction: 4th of July Nails

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Easy american flags for the holidays!!

Step 1: Materials

Materials needed to achieve this look: -nail gems -nail art brush -blue polish -red polish -top coat -tissue or toilet paper

Step 2: Base

Paint your nail a solid red. Allow it to dry fully.

Step 3: Stripes

Dip the nail art brush into white and create 3-4 stripes

Step 4: Blue Outline

Dip nail art brush into blue. Draw a light outline of a square in the bottom left corner of your nail.

Step 5: Fill

Fill in the outline with blue polish

Step 6: Star

Place a silver gem shaped like a star on the blue polish

Step 7: Clean

Scrape away extra polish with tissue or toilet paper

Step 8: Top Coat

Apply your chrystal clear top coat and there you go! Cute nails for the 4th of july



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    I am a boy and I think I am going to do this
    Hahaha lol Jk
    Well Maby

    Awesome and btw I luv ur profile pic!!!