Introduction: 4th of July Nails

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These cabin flag nails are so cute and festive and perfect for the Fourth of July! This design looks great on both fingers and toes!

Step 1: Materials!

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I used these for my design, plus nail polish remover and Q-Tips! Make sure all polish is removed before painting.

Step 2: White

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Take a thicker brush to paint every nail white. I used two coats.

Step 3: Blue

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Use your blue and make squares at the top left corner of your nails. For small nails, such as the pinky toes, I did the whole left part of the nail blue, instead of trying to dab a little square in.

Step 4: Red

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This was probably the hardest part. Use the red paint and paint horizontal stripes over the existing white. A few coats may be necessary to get a deep red. The smaller the nails, the smaller the brush I used. You can use the brushes attached to the polishes in the nail art kit like I did, or you could use something like a paint brush.

Step 5: Spots

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Use the white small brush to paint little polka dots. I did a cute pattern where I counted down from 5 on the toes- The big toe with 5 dots and the little toe with 1. Stuck? These pictures should help.

Step 6: Top Coat Application

Picture of Top Coat Application

A top coat is necessary, because it keeps your paint from chipping, but it can smear the blue and red on to the white. My way is simple and keeps colors where they belong. On the red and white, sweep top coat horizontally. On the blue, sweep it down vertically. See? Simple, and the colors stay put!

Step 7: I Wasn't Kidding!

Picture of I Wasn't Kidding!

You can easily do this design yourself and it looks great on fingernails, too! I did this design on my own hands, also, and it's SUPER easy! :)

Step 8: Voila!

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Here's what the design looks like totally finished. It's adorable and perfect for the Fourth of July. It's festive, patriotic, and super cute. Like what you see? Then subscribe and check out my other designs! Also, if you have the time, please rate and leave comments- It would really make my day! Thank you, and I hope you enjoy! :)


randi_panda (author)2014-12-24

The woman she used it on is her mother and her mom didn't want her tattoo to be seen on instructables.

charlieanderin (author)2014-06-18

She told me the woman had a tattoo and didn't want it to be on instructables

softball9 (author)2014-03-29

Y is the toe blurred out

charlieanderin (author)2013-07-01

Was that a ring

charlieanderin (author)2013-06-29

Why was your toe censored

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