4th of July Flashing LED Resin Pendants




Introduction: 4th of July Flashing LED Resin Pendants

Hi all! In this video, we will learn how to make 4th of July resin pendants/brooches with motion activated LED flashing lights. These lights are encapsulated in resin casings, making them submersible for resin (among other fun crafts). These do have a life span of approx 400,000 flashes so the novelty will eventually wear off with your resin piece. Make sure when creating your piece that you have a layout that will hide the LED light and have a creative layout to stand alone for when the light dies out. I thought this was a fun project to do for my kiddos...and helps to see them at night when watching the fireworks. The 4th is a well celebrated/special holiday in my family as we are a military family w a wounded vet. I have added a donate card to this video for the Wounded Warrior Project. Please feel free to research them and donate if you wish. I hope you have a safe and happy 4th of July! :) Craft happily ever after!

Step 1: Watch Full Video Tutorial

Thanks for watching!!!

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