Picture of 4th of July Led party lights!
Ok so if your like me you like little trinkets and things that light up then here is a simple and cheap idea for some need and universal led lights. Well in this tutorial Im going to show you a classic "throw led light" as seen in movies and a hundred times online. But hey you cant go wrong with these fun and cheap things.

Step 1: Parts and tools

Picture of Parts and tools
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Your going to need some led lights. Lets be festive and use red white and blue LED lights, but you are not limited to these colors! You are also going to need some tape (I used electrical tape) and some scissors to cut the tape. Oh and don't forget about the batteries, I used some 3v watch style batteries I got at my local Steve's Wholesale Tools store but you can find them for cheap at Dollar Tree or walmart. ( I used 3v batteries because most led lights need at least 3v and 3v is not powerful enough to blow typical led lights) You may also want some balloons and small magnets. In total I spent a whopping 4$ and was able to make 20 of these. It really just depends on the price of the batteries! Oh and one thing to consider is buying in bulk saves a ton!!!