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Good morning everyone! Bet no one’s weekend flew by quicker than mine! So much going on and so much I wanted to accomplish. As long as I made progress, it’s all good. And speaking about accomplishing much, I want to stay on top of the 4th of July by making this sparkly table arrangement. I was so inspired to create with this adorable die a few months ago but I held onto it knowing it would be perfect for the Fourth. Can you believe this is our Birdhouse die? Ah, the things you figure out when backed into a corner. I’m certain there is like a bazillion things you can come up with but here is just my interpretation.

So to get started, you will need these supplies:
SR-019 Contour™ Birdhouse Steel Rule Die

PL-001 Platinum™ Die Cutting and Embossing Machine

Cardstock of Your Choice, Glittered Foam Felt, Heavy Gauge Wire, Star Garland, Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue, Sparkle Shreddies

Step 1:

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First you need to die-cut the birdhouse from cardstock and foam felt with the Platinum™ Die Cutting and Embossing Machine. Although you can select whatever form of paper you like. This die can also cut a variety of materials but just remember that it will need to bend easily.

Step 2:

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Next I taped the hole back into its spot. I think hot gluing is actually ideal and if you put a slightly larger circle over the hole from the backside, it will be less noticeable and will stay in place.

Step 3:

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Now just tape the tabbed edge of the birdhouse and bring both sides together.

Step 4:

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Place adhesive or hot glue onto tabbed edges and attach to circle base.

Step 5:

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Trim off excess paper so that this looks like a rocket and not a birdhouse.

Step 6:

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Attach the roof edges together.

Step 7:

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Adhere roof to house by putting hot glue on top edge of birdhouse, turning it upside down and inserting into roof. If adjustment is needed, heat hot glue on roof with a heat gun and correct placement.

Step 8:

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Poke a small hole in the bottom of the rocket and hot glue a heavy-duty white floral stem and some metallic garland inside, extending to the outside. Curl metallic garland as desired.

Step 9:

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Tip: You can purchase the star garland and the stiffer star garland at The Dollar Store. The stiffer garland is on one of the balloon weight pieces.

Now you are ready to create your own table arrangement or gift or cake topper. Enjoy! XO, Debi


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