4x2 Pickup - 2x4 Mud Shoes





Introduction: 4x2 Pickup - 2x4 Mud Shoes

For those times when your 4 x 2 pickup truck gets stuck in the mud and you don't have a 4 x 4 to help you get out.

I give you the 2 x 4 mud shoes!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

(1) 2x4x8
Pack of tie down straps

Miter saw or hand saw
Measuring tape
Drill & 1/6 bit

Optional tools:

Step 2: Measure for Your Shoes

Measure the width of your tires. You could even add about an inch or two for a wider shoe. Just make sure you have plenty of clearance with you wheel well.

Step 3: Measuring and Cutting

Once you've measured your tires width, again you can add an inch to either side and make that the width of your shoe. I made mine 10 1/2 inches wide.

Measure your boards and make your cuts.

I received a new bench sander for Christmas, so the optional step would be to send that down but not necessary.

Step 4: Measuring to Make the Holes for Your Strap's

Get out your slide rule and calculator, etc or just eye ball it.

It's not rocket science and it doesn't need to be precise. We are talking mud here.

Step 5: Drilling and Chiseling

Now it's time to drill out the holes for the strap to go through.

About 1 inch from the end of each side of the board drill all the way through four or five continuous holes in a row.

Then chisel out the material in between the holes to make a slit

And you have one completed shoe. Repeat to make a total of four shoes for your vehicle.

Step 6: How to Use the Shoe

Feed the strap through one in and then the other then strapped to your vehicles tire.

Step 7: Let the Good Times Roll



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    15 Discussions


    2 years ago

    I'll be making these soon. as an added benefit, these "mud shoes" could be used to level a vehicle for camping in on a slight hill.

    Old soviet tanks used exactly the same thing. Except they used whole tree logs to get out of soft mud.

    Brilliant, simple and effective.

    GENIUS. If you are anything like me you are never prepared...... You can do this:

    Find a long board or stick laying around and lash it in a similar manner with the long end sticking out. Slowly roll forward and it will get you out.

    It works reasonably well when stuck in snow too ! Naturally, you are not going any distance with these but, a version I have used for years have made a difference from time to time.


    2 years ago

    This is great and totally works!! Glad you made an instructable.

    I thought getting out was the fun part.

    Before you do this make sure there is enough clearance around the wheel well and fender that when the wheel turns the cleat doesn't catch on anything.

    that's redneck engineering at its finest !

    I've seen people do this before. You should take a video to show how effective it is.