There is no dearth of instructables on LED  CUBE  but when it comes to begginer who wants to do a project it's really annoying because the other instructables are more or less advanced which demoralizes  a begginer (like me :P) .
This instructable is quite different from others:-
1.Working directly with Arduino (no resistors, decoders,IC or shift registers etc)
2.Cheap and easy (Estimated cost Rs-255(5-6$)+arduino)
3.Easily customizable code with online editor for any cube(here i'm focuusing on 4x4x4 cube , but the code can be easily edited for 'n' number of layers)
Before i go ahead here is a small video i made

My answers to make-to-learn-youth contest

What did you make?
I have created a DIY 4X4X4 LED matrix cube working directly with Arduino.The best part is it is cheap. easy to make and can be customized easily with the libraries, providing an incredible animation effect.

How Did you make?
I was just stumbling upon to make some cool. stuff , i saw a video on youtube and studied what else can be done to make it easy and customizable,I studied a lot about the microcontrollers their working, coding behind it and the best thing i loved in this projects was soldering, earlier i had no idea for that.

Where did you make it?
I made it at my home, i got the stuff viz LEDs ,Arduino,Soldering stuff etc from market and did rest of the work at home !

What did you learn?
I learnt the fact that how cool electronics can be and it's deployation in daily life, Apart from that i got exposure to Arduino,LEDs,Soldering,working with circuits,PCB and hacking electronic products to use in day-to-day life.

Step 1: Basic knowledge required and parts needed

I will keep it to make it as easy as possible  although there are certain pre-requisites to go ahead.
1.One must be well equiped with Arduino  and should familiar with it's working
2.Basic knowledge of Circuits and electronics( e.g. how to use multimeter etc)
3.Last but not the least, one should know a bit about soldering
PS: Before doing this project i had no idea of soldering and i screwed myself  many times, burning my table, my hand and wrong soldering.So please make sure you have good idea of soldering and please "BE SAFE"
After all this free advice :P , let's come to parts required:-
1. Arduino (obviously , the master mind of our cube)
2.64 LEDs (any color would work, to make it much prettier use RGB LEDs)
3.1-2 perforated board (or  PCBs)
4.Soldering kit (any one would work, i got a cheap one)
5. Wires(diff. colors would make it much easier)
6.Some craft wires

Nice stuff man ... Where are you from?
Thanks for liking...I'm from India :)
<p>i made a 4*4*4 cube but it has 16 cathodes coming out with 4 anodes.the cube column is working fine but the main issue is with row ..its an simple circuit with no multiplexing and transistors,whats making problem ?? should i try to put 16 transistors and take out common ground from it? or should i change the code ?</p>

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