Picture of 4x4x4 LED cube
I'm going to show you how to make a 4x4x4 led cube controlled by an arduino duemilanove.

arduino duemilanove
64 LEDS (color doesn't matter)
prototyping board
100 ohm resistors (you need 16 of them)
soldering iron and solder
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Step 1: Making a template

Picture of Making a template
Get a piece of scrap wood and drill 16 evenly spaced holes into it. The spacing depends on the length of your LED leads. Drill the holes big enough to fit the LED into it. I used a piece of pegboard.

Step 2: Solder all negatives together

Picture of solder all negatives together
Bend over the negative lead so it is touching the negative lead of the next LED beside it. Solder all negatives together in one layer but be sure not to bend the positive leads over or get solder on them. Repeat this process 3 more times so you end up with 4 seperate layers.

Step 3: Solder all positives together

Picture of Solder all positives together
Now that you have 4 seperate layers, take one of them and insert it back into the template. Now with the positive leads sticking straight up, get another layer and place it on top of the one in the template. Connect the two together by soldering the positives together in a column. Do not solder anything to the negatives you have already soldered together. Repeat this process for the remainder of the layers until you have the cube built.

Step 4: Wiring

Picture of Wiring
Now theres a lot of wires to connect so make sure you put every one in the right spot. Insert your newly constructed cube into your protoboard and solder the positive leads from the columns in. Beside each lead that you just soldered in, insert a 100 ohm resistor and solder one end of it to the lead. The other end of the resistor has a wire connected to it that will later connect to your arduino. There will end up being 16 of these. Now you will need to solder a wire to the middle of any negative in the top row of your cube and do this for all four of the layers. There will be 4 of these. 
Geekaton2 years ago
i am 15 and have made my own LED cube, heres a video of how I made it:
let me know if its helpful!
vishalapr3 years ago
Nice ible :) But I have a question...I am using these LEDs...

I have resistors of all the values from 1 ohm to 1 mega 10's ....
So which resistors will I need to use for those LEDs? The cube is connected to an arduino nano...

plz help :)
Electronics Man (author)  vishalapr3 years ago
Hey Vishalapar,

Sorry for my late reply. The resistors are just to protect the arduino and the ones you use depend on the ratings of your LEDs. Since you are using an arduino nano and not the duemilanove, you might want to go to arduinos website and check to see what the output voltage is (I think it is 5V), and then select a resistor to achieve the correct voltage and current.

Hope this helps!!!
jensenr304 years ago
awesome inst'able
Mechonizer4 years ago
Ok... Can you at least say were you copy pasted from?

First those images are from another instructible

Then the words In step 5 are directly copied with minor adjustments from

Seriously ... :(

Electronics Man (author)  Mechonizer4 years ago
Yes I do realize that I copied and pasted some pictures ( off of google ) and when I get more time I will upload my own Picts. And by the way I also realize about step 5 but there aren't a whole lot of ways to say the exact same thing.
At least cite them or say were you got them from in the instructible because there is the cc copyright stuff saying you must aknowlage were you got it from...
Electronics Man (author)  Mechonizer4 years ago
Thanks for the info I will do that next time
Faisal994 years ago
hi electronic man
I have some qustions i hope to help me:
I made the all layers and i was build the cube
my qustions after i connect all wires to the board how i conect the board to the computer
second qustion which programe we shoude use to put the code on it.
last qustion if you can send the code via email because i cannt downloded
jensenr304 years ago
zazenergy4 years ago
LED cubes! Fun stuff.