Step 16: Arduinize it.

Picture of Arduinize it.
RGB LED Cube schematic 1.png
Now we are going to add the Atmega328 chip, the brains of our cube.

Place it somewhere near the center of the board, use a socket for this one as it is possible that you may need to replace it.

In this step, we'll also add the 3  3-pin headers and 2 resistors for each, the 4k7 ones and the 8k2 ones, place those near the center of each TLC5940 leaving a 1 pin thick gap between the two (pic 1).
fffrune2 years ago
Could you post an alternate schematic for using just the bare chip? That would be easier than trying to translate from the Arduino mapping to the chip mapping.
dfitz10003 years ago
I don't follow the steps from here on, is it possible to just use an arduino uno instead of all the stuff that you do from this step on?
Emiliano Valencia (author)  dfitz10003 years ago
Yes, I use the bare chip to keep the cost down, but you can use the whole Arduino UNO or DUEMILANOVE.