Introduction: 5$ AC Unit

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Mmmmmmm summer time. you can't go outside because it's way to hot and you don't want to stay inside because it is to expensive to keep the Ac unit going.

Step 1: Materials

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1. An Ice Box
2. Cutting tool
3. Fan
4. Ice packs

Step 2: Cutting Some Holes

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Cut two holes. One for the fan and the other for the air to escape. I recommend that if you are using a standard round fan, let the fan be able to still sit on the floor, not floating in mid air. The second hole can be any size or placement you want. The smaller the size, the less air flow and but higher the pressure, and vice versa.

Step 3: Just Add Ice

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Now to make the air cool, go ahead and get frozen ice packs from your freezer and put them in the ice box.

Step 4: Attach Fan

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Close the lid and place the fan, blowing inward, against the box. If all went well, then cold air should be blowing 'round your room, keeping the temperature nice and cold.


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