You don't have to wait for halloween to play with dry ice.  Here are 5 "non-halloween" ways to use dry ice for tricks & pranks.

Where in the world do you get dry ice?  Try searching http://dryicedirectory.com for a location near you.

Step 1: Watch the Video!

In this video you'll see how to;

#5. Make it impossible to relight a candle in a glass or bowl
#4. Create "self inflating" party balloons
#3. Make a "Ziploc popper" that goes bang
#2. See how to make metal coins scream and shake
#1. Levitate bubbles in mid air

WARNING:  Use of video content is at own risk.  Dry ice is -78C and is very cold and poses risk for instant frost-bite on bare skin.  To avoid frost-bite on bare skin, handling of dry-ice should be approached with caution and attempted with gloves or other protection.  There are risks associated with these projects that require adult supervision.

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