For those who have expressed interest, we just launched our website, http://www.pocketnc.com.  Or you can "like" or facebook page to get our status updates.https://www.facebook.com/pocketnc

Its super basic, but if you're interested in getting updates we are going to do our best to keep the blog page updated for everyone!

Thanks for your support!

<p>this is a great idea and im glad that you are making this available to home based workshops but posting what amounts to an advertisement on a website i use for INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO BUILD THINGS ON MY OWN it makes me a little annoyed.</p>
<p>James, we submitted this instructable a long time ago as part of the Jack Daniels Independence Project (https://www.instructables.com/contest/independence/). We in no way intended to take advantage of it for advertising.</p>
For those who have expressed interest, we just launched our website, www.pocketnc.com. <br> <br>Its super basic, but if you're interested in getting updates we are going to do our best to keep the blog page updated for everyone! <br> <br>Thanks for your support!
Nice project and would do great things for the entire industry...Forgive me if it was stated earlier, but why are you not on Kickstarter with this project?
Thanks for your interest! We think this could change a lot in the diy community as well as the machining industry too. We do plan to go onto kickstarter, but aren't quite ready yet. We're currently finishing our prototype and planning on sending 5-6 machines out to testers to get the bugs out before launch. We are also working on a mobile application and figuring out the logisitics of getting people CAM software usage without that being ridiculously expensive.
It looks like a promising machine. I'm curious as to how you produce the G-Code for something like that. I have used Deskam 2000 to make simple X/Y/Z code on my machine, and I added an A-axis which I have done some programming for... but I'd like to know more about producing code when you get to the 5-axis range. <br> <br>Keep us posted on the project... it is very interesting. <br> <br>thanks, <br>Jerry
Jerry, <br>Our CAM software is definitely one of the hurdles we still have ahead of us. We have access to MasterCAM to test the prototype and for our testers to also. After that there's nothing on the market right now that gets to 5 axes at a reasonable cost. We are hoping that once we can demonstrate the functionality of the machine we will be able to form a partnership with one of the hobby CAM programs to get a push for our software. <br>Thanks for your support!
CAM is definitely a hurdle. The EMC2 package is a great driver that's free... but getting the G-Code is the real key. I hope you can work that out. Again... good luck!
We also are trying to figure out providing a cloud-based gcode compiler that would be specific to our machine so that the tool paths would be consistent and their personal computers wouldn't get bogged down. Once we get things going, we do have a goal of being able to control the machine using a mobile app, and a cloud based compiler would lend itself well to that.
Great concept! Just wondering what you anticipate your price point will be?
Our goal is to keep it in the same realm as Makerbot's machines. Their current one is $1750 and so far we think we'll be able to stay in that range.
The devil is in the details. <br> <br>The basic design for a CNC machine (even 5 axis) is fairly simple, the details that allow it to work reliably and accurately for extended periods is not. Remember to design out as much as possible before you start building. <br> <br>Good luck, i cant wait to see plans for a working prototype!
Very true! We attempted to get through as much of the design as we could before building, and we will probably do a second complete prototype with all the small design changes we've come across from the first before building up machines for our testers. <br> <br>I added a blurb in the text of our instructables about where we are on the prototype if you're interested. Thanks for checking us out!

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