Comics are a great story telling medium. I've been collecting comics for many years, and I have a bunch of unwanted comics and old comics doubles that aren't worth much. What do I do with them? If they're in good condition, I'll give them away to kids. otherwise, there are a bunch of cool inexpensive things you can do with them. I'm making 5 different things in this instructable:

1. A Clock
2. A Poster
3. An iPad stand
5. A Paper Wallet

Pretty much everything I use in these projects can be found around the house. So, onto project 1!

Step 1: Clock

Do you have a boring old clock at home? Want to turn it into something fun? Easy!

1. Take the cover of the clock and carefully remove the hands.
2. peel the cardboard face of the plastic clock body.
3. place the cardboard face on a comic page/double page and use a craft knife to cut around it.
Alternative 3. if you want a more collage-y look, use a bunch of comic panels.
4. glue the page (or panels) to the clock face.
5. put the clock back together. make sure you set the hands at 12:00.

Onto project 2!

<p>this is awesome</p>
Ruining comics on purpose?!? NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! <br>Neat project though :)
All this stuff is so cool! Soon my room will be covered in X-Men! Thank you!
defacing comics is blasphemy!! but great ideas thought the poster one looks cool as well as the bookmarks gotta try with some of my doubles and free comics
Dude! i love the X-Men!
Voted! awesome stuff here, good job!
Great ideas! I really like the bookmark.

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