Step 4: Password Protected Command Prompt

This Command Prompt makes a user sign up then sign in to get the command prompt

in the command prompt type "red", "green", or "normal" without quotes and it changes the color

@echo off
title Log in to CMD
color 07
echo Cmd Accounts
echo =============
echo [1] Log In
echo [2] Sign Up
echo [3] Exit
set /p op=
if %op%==1 goto 1
if %op%==2 goto 2
if %op%==3 goto 3
goto error
echo Sign Up
echo ======================================
set /p newname="Enter new username:"
if "%newname%"=="%newname%" goto inputname
cd "%userprofile%\documents"
if exist "cmdacoBin" goto skip
if not exist "cmdacoBin" goto noskip
md "cmdacoBin"
goto skip
cd "%userprofile%\documents\cmdacoBin"
if exist "%newname%.bat" goto namexist
if not exist "%newname%.bat" goto skip2
echo set realusername=%newname%> "%newname%.bat"
goto next
set /p pswd=Enter new Password:
if "%pswd%"=="%pswd%" goto inputpass
cd "%userprofile%\documents\cmdacoBin"
echo set password=%pswd%>> "%newname%.bat"
goto next1
echo The entered username already exists.
echo Press any key to return. . .
pause >nul
goto 2
echo Cmd Accounts
echo ============
echo Your account has been successfully created!
goto home
color 07
echo Cmd Accounts Log In
echo ================================
Set /p logname=Username:
if "%logname%"=="%logname%" goto 2.1
set /p logpass="Password:"
if "%logpass%"=="%logpass%" goto login
cd "%userprofile%\documents\cmdacoBin"
if exist "%logname%.bat" goto call
if not exist "%logname%.bat" goto errorlog
call "%logname%.bat"
if "%password%"=="%logpass%" goto logdone
goto errorlog
color 0c
echo Username or Password incorrect.
echo Access denied.
pause >nul
goto home
echo Command Prompt
echo ==============
echo Successfully logged in!
goto account
cd "%userprofile%\documents\cmdacoBin"
call "%realusername%color.bat"
call "%realusername%.bat"
color %colorcode%
echo -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
echo %realusername%
echo -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
@echo off
break off
Title Command Prompt
color 0a

echo Type "home" any time to go to the current user profile directory.
echo Type "desktop" any time to go to the current user desktop.
echo Type help to see list of common commands like cd, rd, md, del,
echo ren, replace, copy, xcopy, move, attrib, tree, edit, and cls.
echo Type [command]/? for detailed info.

echo Directory: %CD%
set /P CMD=Command:
if "%CMD%" == "cls" goto cls
if "%CMD%" == "home" goto home2
if "%CMD%" == "desktop" goto desktop
if "%CMD%" == "red" goto red
if "%CMD%" == "green" goto green
if "%CMD%" == "normal" goto normal

cd C:\
goto cmd

goto cmd

goto cmd

cd /d %SystemDrive%\Users\%USERNAME%\Desktop
goto cmd

color 0c
goto cmd

color 0a
goto cmd

color 07
goto cmd
Plz help me to provide a batch file which can do automatic mail to someone at month end
<p>website crasher says it cannot find a</p>
<p>I have created a wounderful batch file....check this...<br>https://www.dropbox.com/s/zzcbgmdz8j848ro/All%20in%20one%20PC%20utility.zip?dl=0</p>
<p>It didn't work</p>
<p>http://www.instructables.com/id/Full-screen-batch-matrix/</p><p>Full screen batch matrix</p>
<p>doesn't work the website is still up when I did it</p>
<p>Because all this script does is slow your own connection to the server that the website is on by sending larger packets of data to it. It won't crash anything except your own computer and slow your internet connection to a crawl.</p>
<p>I believe it takes much longer to crash than you think. Other real and highly illegal DOS software can do it nearly instantly, but this is a home-made one, it uses the pinging feature that batch has to do the crash. how this works is, when normally visiting a site, you send a request to the servers to see the site, it then responds with the site, this batch file pings the website, which does the same thing, it sends a request to the server and the server responds giving it data, but this loops the pinging, it continues to send request to the point of the site crashing, DDOS itsself means 'distributed denial of service', meaning that the batch file is pinging it so much, the server cant handle anyone else to visit the site, iv been blabbering but lemme get to the point, pro DDOS software sents thousands of visitors as once to crash it, while this just continuesly sneds requests one after another very, very quickly, meaning it has to be open for a long time. </p>
DDoSing take more effort. Here is a lesson about them. DDoSing with only one programme or device is useless if you are wishing to take down a website. The requests that you make at the websites Will not fill up the servers. You will either need more programs or several device
<p>This is about the most ridiculous thing I've seen :) I run servers for a living, all this is going to do, is slow your OWN internet connection to a crawl by opening a command prompt and sending bits of data to the IP/website. It does nothing to cause the server slow, only your own connection. </p>
testicleboy, you should never post this much crud on a forum page, it is completely unnecessary, put it in a file and upload it and then put the link!, on the page. Here, since you did anyways, i reduced your mountain and made some tweaks that i hope even you can follow simply. and it works BTW, Download it Here: http://www.2shared.com/file/KA4t9WIo/Loading.html , the download link is the small blue button at the bottom of the page it says download on it. GoodLuck :)
<p>The reason why people post code instead of the bat is because if you don't know if they made a malicious file or not and you don't want to accidentally autorun.</p>
Fyi you can click edit when you download it, and read the code
Hey everyone this is the Code_Master giving you an updated Pinger, i just took this guys pinger deleted all but like 3 lines and wala made it probably 340% better! ENJOY! <br>Download Link: http://www.2shared.com/file/EDw0o46c/Pinger.html
I tryed the Web Site Crasher and it did not Crash the website <br> <br>please help <br> <br>thanks
It's not powerful enough
it takes a while...a doss atack is like 1 out of 10 chance that it will...luckly it does bcause I shut down a website for 3 hours...
<p>It is properly pronounced &quot;DOS&quot; or Denial Of Service. Not doss.</p>
<p>Actually child Dos is just a denial of service and ddos is a distributed denial of service attack</p>
Can you give me a good website to crash <br>
<p>Here crash this one www.computherm-fabo.rs</p>
i need a ip crasher version of this.
<p>Sorry to tell you but you can't crash a website with a batch file</p>
<p>Now i crash any website i want.........Awkward silence..hahahahah</p>
<p>This code is so flawed I couldn't even try to fix it. I re wrote it so someone can learn something good from it... Here you go use this if you want to play with simple DDOS . If you place saystatic.exe in the same directory with this batch file it will speak to you . If not change @Saystatic to echo</p><p>@echo off</p><p>Title Dark Crash</p><p>color 0d</p><p>@SayStatic Enter the website you would like to crash</p><p>set /p input= Enter your Website here:</p><p>set /p p=packet size: </p><p>@SayStatic Processing Your request</p><p>@SayStatic Now Crashing Website</p><p>Goto Ping</p><p>:Ping</p><p>cls</p><p>ping %input% -i %p% -t </p><p>goto ping</p>
<p>Thank You :)</p>
<p>For the pc cleanup, at the very start type in a new line &quot;echo off&quot; without the quotes.<br>If you have seen the &quot;c:\Users\James&quot; thing (different for you) that should change it.</p><p>Here is the proper code:</p><p>echo off<br>menu<br> cls<br> echo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br> echo PC Cleanup Utility<br> echo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br> echo.<br> echo Select a tool<br> echo =============<br> echo.<br> echo [1] Delete Internet Cookies<br> echo [2] Delete Temporary Internet Files<br> echo [3] Disk Cleanup<br> echo [4] Disk Defragment<br> echo [5] Exit<br> echo.<br> set /p op=Run:<br> if %op%==1 goto 1<br> if %op%==2 goto 2<br> if %op%==3 goto 3<br> if %op%==4 goto 4<br> if %op%==5 goto exit<br> goto error<br> :1<br> cls<br> echo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br> echo Delete Internet Cookies<br> echo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br> echo.<br> echo Deleting Cookies...<br> ping localhost -n 3 &gt;nul<br> del /f /q &quot;%userprofile%\Cookies\*.*&quot;<br> cls<br> echo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br> echo Delete Internet Cookies<br> echo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br> echo.<br> echo Cookies deleted.<br> echo.<br> echo Press any key to return to the menu. . .<br> pause &gt;nul<br> goto menu<br> :2<br> cls<br> echo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br> echo Delete Temporary Internet Files<br> echo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br> echo.<br> echo Deleting Temporary Files...<br> ping localhost -n 3 &gt;nul<br> del /f /q &quot;%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\*.*&quot;<br> cls<br> echo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br> echo Delete Temporary Internet Files<br> echo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br> echo.<br> echo Temporary Internet Files deleted.<br> echo.<br> echo Press any key to return to the menu. . .<br> pause &gt;nul<br> goto menu<br> :3<br> cls<br> echo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br> echo Disk Cleanup<br> echo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br> echo.<br> echo Running Disk Cleanup...<br> ping localhost -n 3 &gt;nul<br> if exist &quot;C:\WINDOWS\temp&quot;del /f /q &quot;C:WINDOWS\temp\*.*&quot;<br> if exist &quot;C:\WINDOWS\tmp&quot; del /f /q &quot;C:\WINDOWS\tmp\*.*&quot;<br> if exist &quot;C:\tmp&quot; del /f /q &quot;C:\tmp\*.*&quot;<br> if exist &quot;C:\temp&quot; del /f /q &quot;C:\temp\*.*&quot;<br> if exist &quot;%temp%&quot; del /f /q &quot;%temp%\*.*&quot;<br> if exist &quot;%tmp%&quot; del /f /q &quot;%tmp%\*.*&quot;<br> if not exist &quot;C:\WINDOWS\Users\*.*&quot; goto skip<br> if exist &quot;C:\WINDOWS\Users\*.zip&quot; del &quot;C:\WINDOWS\Users\*.zip&quot; /f /q<br> if exist &quot;C:\WINDOWS\Users\*.exe&quot; del &quot;C:\WINDOWS\Users\*.exe&quot; /f /q<br> if exist &quot;C:\WINDOWS\Users\*.gif&quot; del &quot;C:\WINDOWS\Users\*.gif&quot; /f /q<br> if exist &quot;C:\WINDOWS\Users\*.jpg&quot; del &quot;C:\WINDOWS\Users\*.jpg&quot; /f /q<br> if exist &quot;C:\WINDOWS\Users\*.png&quot; del &quot;C:\WINDOWS\Users\*.png&quot; /f /q<br> if exist &quot;C:\WINDOWS\Users\*.bmp&quot; del &quot;C:\WINDOWS\Users\*.bmp&quot; /f /q<br> if exist &quot;C:\WINDOWS\Users\*.avi&quot; del &quot;C:\WINDOWS\Users\*.avi&quot; /f /q<br> if exist &quot;C:\WINDOWS\Users\*.mpg&quot; del &quot;C:\WINDOWS\Users\*.mpg&quot; /f /q<br> if exist &quot;C:\WINDOWS\Users\*.mpeg&quot; del &quot;C:\WINDOWS\Users\*.mpeg&quot; /f /q<br> if exist &quot;C:\WINDOWS\Users\*.ra&quot; del &quot;C:\WINDOWS\Users\*.ra&quot; /f /q<br> if exist &quot;C:\WINDOWS\Users\*.ram&quot; del &quot;C:\WINDOWS\Users\*.ram&quot;/f /q<br> if exist &quot;C:\WINDOWS\Users\*.mp3&quot; del &quot;C:\WINDOWS\Users\*.mp3&quot; /f /q<br> if exist &quot;C:\WINDOWS\Users\*.mov&quot; del &quot;C:\WINDOWS\Users\*.mov&quot; /f /q<br> if exist &quot;C:\WINDOWS\Users\*.qt&quot; del &quot;C:\WINDOWS\Users\*.qt&quot; /f /q<br> if exist &quot;C:\WINDOWS\Users\*.asf&quot; del &quot;C:\WINDOWS\Users\*.asf&quot; /f /q<br> :skip<br> if not exist C:\WINDOWS\Users\Users\*.* goto skippy /f /q<br> if exist C:\WINDOWS\Users\AppData\Temp\*.zip del C:\WINDOWS\Users\Users\*.zip /f /q<br> if exist C:\WINDOWS\Users\AppData\Temp\*.exe del C:\WINDOWS\Users\Users\*.exe /f /q<br> if exist C:\WINDOWS\Users\AppData\Temp\*.gif del C:\WINDOWS\Users\Users\*.gif /f /q<br> if exist C:\WINDOWS\Users\AppData\Temp\*.jpg del C:\WINDOWS\Users\Users\*.jpg /f /q<br> if exist C:\WINDOWS\Users\AppData\Temp\*.png del C:\WINDOWS\Users\Users\*.png /f /q<br> if exist C:\WINDOWS\Users\AppData\Temp\*.bmp del C:\WINDOWS\Users\Users\*.bmp /f /q<br> if exist C:\WINDOWS\Users\AppData\Temp\*.avi del C:\WINDOWS\Users\Users\*.avi /f /q<br> if exist C:\WINDOWS\Users\AppData\Temp\*.mpg del C:\WINDOWS\Users\Users\*.mpg /f /q<br> if exist C:\WINDOWS\Users\AppData\Temp\*.mpeg del C:\WINDOWS\Users\Users\*.mpeg /f /q<br> if exist C:\WINDOWS\Users\AppData\Temp\*.ra del C:\WINDOWS\Users\Users\*.ra /f /q<br> if exist C:\WINDOWS\Users\AppData\Temp\*.ram del C:\WINDOWS\Users\Users\*.ram /f /q<br> if exist C:\WINDOWS\Users\AppData\Temp\*.mp3 del C:\WINDOWS\Users\Users\*.mp3 /f /q<br> if exist C:\WINDOWS\Users\AppData\Temp\*.asf del C:\WINDOWS\Users\Users\*.asf /f /q<br> if exist C:\WINDOWS\Users\AppData\Temp\*.qt del C:\WINDOWS\Users\Users\*.qt /f /q<br> if exist C:\WINDOWS\Users\AppData\Temp\*.mov del C:\WINDOWS\Users\Users\*.mov /f /q<br> :skippy<br> if exist &quot;C:\WINDOWS\ff*.tmp&quot; del C:\WINDOWS\ff*.tmp /f /q<br> if exist C:\WINDOWS\ShellIconCache del /f /q &quot;C:\WINDOWS\ShellI~1\*.*&quot;<br> cls<br> echo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br> echo Disk Cleanup<br> echo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br> echo.<br> echo Disk Cleanup successful!<br> echo.<br> pause<br> goto menu<br> :4<br> cls<br> echo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br> echo Disk Defragment<br> echo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br> echo.<br> echo Defragmenting hard disks...<br> ping localhost -n 3 &gt;nul<br> defrag -c -v<br> cls<br> echo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br> echo Disk Defragment<br> echo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br> echo.<br> echo Disk Defrag successful!<br> echo.<br> pause<br> goto menu<br> :error<br> cls<br> echo Command not recognized.<br> ping localhost -n 4 &gt;nul<br> goto menu<br> :exit</p><p><br> echo Thanks for using PC Cleanup Utility by Ryan<br> ping &gt;nul<br> exit</p>
<p>if you do it like tis he saves the password as txt file</p><p>@echo off</p><p>:Start2</p><p>cls</p><p>goto Start</p><p>:Start</p><p>title Password Generator</p><p>echo I will make you a new password.</p><p>echo Please write the password down somewhere in case you forget it.</p><p>echo ----------------------------------------&shy;-----------------------</p><p>echo 1) 1 Random Password</p><p>echo Input your choice</p><p>set input=</p><p>set /p input= Choice:</p><p>if %input%==1 goto A if NOT goto Start2</p><p>:A</p><p>cls</p><p>echo wachtwoord:%random%&gt; achtwoord.txt</p><p>echo Your password is saved as a txt file</p><p>echo Now choose what you want to do.</p><p>echo 1) Go back to the beginning</p><p>echo 2) Exit</p><p>set input=</p><p>set /p input= Choice:</p><p>if %input%==1 goto Start2 if NOT goto Start 2</p><p>if %input%==2 goto Exit if NOT goto Start 2</p><p>:Exit</p><p>exit</p>
One thing that might be useful, is encrypting the username and password file. Any one have ideas?
<p>This is somewhat late, but you could convert the .bat file into a .exe file using a free .bat to .exe converter. That's how I keep the source code hidden. Anyone with at least basic computer knowledge will be able to figure out the passwords and usernames otherwise, whereas if you were to convert it to a .exe file, it would make it a much more difficult task for them.</p>
<p>bat 2 exe converter's do provide some small amount of source code protection but all they do is wrap the contents, the code is just stored in a temporary folder while it runs not much protection if the really want to find it</p>
<p>But usually when you convert a .bat to a .exe, the .exe is marked as a virus. That's why I no longer use them. </p>
You could replace letters with different ones, and then encrypt them when you get them from an external file. Should be easy.
Remember that you would need to copy the entire code, Paste into a text file and rename to &quot;.bat&quot; at the end. <br> <br>It might be that you cannot see extensions of files in the OS.
<p>.cmd is more recomended</p>
<p>This batchfile will delete all of your personal images and movies, so don't try it out.</p>
<p>I made the CmdLogin Love IT!!!!</p>
<p>I put htttp://staggeringbeauty.com/ in and it doesn't work please help</p>
<p>This is an ILLEGAL thing to do, people. If police find out, it will not be fun for you.</p>
<p>Guys :-D!! i made this sick cool exe file :-D i promise you, its so good you want to laug ;-P, check it out here: http://tinyurl.com/pnnb5p6 i promise!!</p>
<p>can anyone get me a proxy or batch file for facebook in school ??</p>
<p>I dont think its right to use the website crasher. I used it once on a fun site but feel really REALLY bad. Sorry to everyone :(</p>
<p>Much easier, shorter code is </p><p>@echo off</p><p>echo ====================================</p><p>echo Welcome to Batch Password Generator!</p><p>echo ====================================</p><p>echo Input how many Passwords you would like!</p><p>echo 1 = 1 password</p><p>echo 2 = 5 passwords</p><p>echo 3 = 10 passwords</p><p>set /p input=</p><p>if %input% == 1 goto 1</p><p>if %input% == 2 goto 2</p><p>if %input% == 3 goto 3</p><p>:1</p><p>echo %random% ok, this is your passwrod! Write it down to Remember it!</p><p>pause</p><p>:2</p><p>echo %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% Ok, these are your passwords! Write them down to remember them!</p><p>pause</p><p>:3</p><p>echo %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% Ok, these are your passwords! Write them down to remember them!</p><p>pause</p>
Yh that is an easier way KingstonG thanks for the advice

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