$5 Dollar Burglar Alarm!





Introduction: $5 Dollar Burglar Alarm!

I made a Burglar Alarm for under 5 bucks, and items I found laying around the house! No soldering required. (soldering optional)



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    I can't get the video to play.

    Seems so simple! It will be very useful tip  to <a href="http://www.800amalarm.com">alarm system install companies </a>.

    LOL I have done that before with a plastic cd case!

    Beautifully simple, and I love your prototyping technique with just cardboard, elastic bands and paperclips- I'll have to remember that one. If you are connecting free wires together you can solder without an iron- just twist the wires together, heat in a flame and add solder. Another possible source of louder buzzers is an old smoke alarm- watch out for radioactive sources when dismantling them but it would give the alarm a real bite! +

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    As Mr Slippy Fist says, in some smoke alarms there is a tiny radioactive source, which is used to detect smoke by sensing when the radiation crossing a small air gap decreases, caused by the presence of smoke particles.

    Thanks for your comments! Also thanks for the tip on how to solder with heat from a flame and solder :)

    i bought one of those from the dollar store and it can change from alarm to chime. It is unbelievably loud though, it says 90 Db on the package but it only gives out 90 Db the first time its used. It sucks up life from those tiny batteries very quickly.

    Yeah but with that one you can't make a trip wire... anyway, this one is great for what I was looking for, I needed an alarm "trap" for my LARPing and this works brilliantly, simple enough to arm and disarm without any real skill!

    Yeah...I own a couple of those alarms. I found out about that alarm AFTER I made this video. I could have saved a buck or two. You can always modify this burglar alarm with a louder buzzer (alarm). Anyway, thanks for watching my vid :)

    nice i like it its very simple to make and it work great!

    How about you make it a ten dollar alarm. Attach the string to a five dollar note and do the rest as usual. When someone takes the money the alarm goes of.

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