I made a Burglar Alarm for under 5 bucks, and items I found laying around the house! No soldering required. (soldering optional)

I uploaded this video to the video section as well. Check out my video below:

Step 1: Items You Will Need to Build Your $5 Dollar Burglar Alarm.

4x4 piece of card board,
1 clothespin,
3 regular size rubber bands,
1 jumbo paper clip,
3 regular size paper clips,
1 push pin thumbtack,
1 AA battery,
6 to 8 inches of thread or kite string,
1 spare piece of thin cardboard,
An aluminum pie pan,
"AA" Battery Holder from Radio Shack (270-401A),
3VDC Mini Buzzer from Radio Shack (273-053A).
<p>Glad you did a non video version as I cant watch videos on this site.</p>
Can I just with the speaker?
do we need a 3vdc mini buzzer
good job !
i did not get this step also!! anyone plz help, i gotta do this i'ble...<br />
i did not get tat how to cut tat boot shape... n how did u paste it to d paper clip can i get a clear image of it plz!! still i did not get tat how to cut it<br />
nice! never even thought of using cardboard as a baseboard before :D
Instead of using tin foil, you could just use two tacks - drawing pins in the clothes pegs, bare the ends of the wires and wrap it around the pins before pushing them home.
Hmm. Would it be possible to replace the aluminum pie can with some aluminum foil? Or pieces of a coke can?
a little to simple to stop the alarm so that wont work if they kno what to look for... this can wake u up if it ia at night and some 1 comes in the house but if it is ur family u could get wocken up to easy...
nice work.
I was about to say "I'm sure I've seen this exact thing before, I remember commenting on it- you must have stolen it!". Turns out it was just the video of this project. Nice to see it as a full Instructable for people like me who are suspicious of Metacafe videos :)
<strong>lebowski</strong> suggested that I should make a step-by-step Instructable with text + pictures in addition to my videos instead of just posting videos. So I took his advice and made the Instructable. I'll make more full Instructables on my popular videos, and any future projects. Glad you liked it!<br/>

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