Picture of LOOK NO HANDS!
  If you've ever been on a hike or gone backpacking, you know just how useful it is to have things clipped onto your belt/pack. Unfortunately, not everything has a built in carabiner...which either means you can't bring something or you're gonna have to hold it the whole time.  Enter the paracord. Not only will wrapping your much needed items give you a better grip, but it can provide an anchor point to clip onto. 

  You can wrap just about anything in paracord: knife handles, water bottles, flasks, e-kits...etc. Once you wrap it, you can add a key ring, make a lanyard knot/loop, or improvise any other kind of attachment device. So now you're hands free and have some extra paracord handy!

Check out some  of these fellow 'ibles for different ways to wrap some common items:

water bottle




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Did you wrap a vibrator in paracord? *raised eyebrow*
warehouse32 (author)  Flyinseamnky2 years ago
no...no i did not lol. that's actually a plastic tube vault with a screw cap.