If you don't want to wear the paracord (let's be honest who doesn't??), you can always make it into a handle for a bag or case, a key fob, or simply crochet/knit a pad for storage. 

Obviously, the possibilities for carrying this stuff are endless...i hope this instructable got you off to a good start, Post all the different ways you carry paracord in the comments below!

key fob

crocheted storage pad

You are the only person I know that saws the interwebs just like me
Please tell me what gauge crochet hook would be used for this project.
If you're looking to make something like in step five, i used a relatively large crochet hook. unfortunately, it doesn't have any markings on it so i don't know the actual size. <br> <br>but hopefully this picture helps for comparison. The green hook is a size 9 or &quot;I&quot;, the red is a size &quot;J&quot;, and the gray one is the one i used. <br> <br>
you could knit or crochet it with pockets woven into it . make a survival vest/coat with all you survival gear in it and then it would be able to unravel to use for survival rope
Did you wrap a vibrator in paracord? *raised eyebrow*
no...no i did not lol. that's actually a plastic tube vault with a screw cap.
seeing the crocheted paracord made me think &quot;how about a paracord knit garment?&quot;
I thought about that as well. The only downside is that paracord tends to get kind of stiff the tighter you you weave it. But maybe if you gutted it first...? It definitely has potential
The paracord storage sinnet over at ITS is a military classic. One of my old platoon sergeants taught me about it a few years ago, and then I found it online. But this is the handiest, cleanest way to carry a LOT of papracord. <br> <br>http://www.itstactical.com/skillcom/knots/knot-of-the-week-paracord-storage-sinnet/
Ya that's a pretty sweet storage knot, i'll have to try that one out. Thanks for the link

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