Hi, I've found that many of the prefab shower units place their soap dishes/shelves in odd almost useless places where the water is washing away the soap constantly.  So then with the idea of multiple people sharing a bathroom and wanting their own soaps separate from the others that there needs to be a way to mount a simple soap dish onto the walls of these fiberglass shower units and/or bathroom tiles. 

Looking at various soap dishes available today I noticed they didn't seem to be designed very well nor look so hot so then since I'm getting a little older myself I decided to make a soap dish that looks kind of cool but makes grabbing the soap out of the dish more easy and allows the soap dish to drain water better so the soap isn't standing in a puddle. 

Since the soap dish is for humans and most humans have 5-fingers and I wanted symmetry in my design I designed this fingered soap dish. 

Because I prototype print most of my projects I designed this dish to easily be printed on a home 3D Plastic Printer too! 

Step 1: Step 1 the Finger Curl ...

The fingers need to hold the soap but grip it too tight so it's a nice slight curved spline I created the Guide Curve for the three middle fingers in SolidWorks.

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