Step 1: Materials & Tools

I made the cart almost exclusively from salvaged parts. I only had to buy two carriage bolts. Here is what the cart is made from:

* A five gallon bucket
* Various pieces of scrap metal. Specifically you'll need:
    * Two "L" shaped pieces to make the supports which attach to the bucket.  
    * Two pieces of metal that will serve as brackets for the axle. 
    * A metal rod for the axle. (preferably with notches for E-clips)
    * A "C" shaped piece of metal to serve as the handle.
    * A flat piece of metal to serve as a foot
* 12 carriage bolts with nuts and washers. (Or screws with smooth heads)
* 2 large wheels suitable for off-road use (mine were 6" wheels from a gas grill, but 
   lawnmowers, large trash cans and other yard equipment would have usable wheels.)
* 2 E-clips to keep the wheels on the axle. You could also thread the ends of the axle and 
  use nuts for wheel retention. Or glue plastic buttons on the ends of the axle. (I used this method 
  on my magnetic shop sweeper.)
* 1" diameter dowel rod. (length & number will be discussed later)
* Wood screws

I used the following tools:

* Reciprocating saw with metal cutting blade
* Hand drill
* Drill press
* Various drill bits
* Ratchet with various sockets
* Bench vise
* Level
* Ruler
* Tape measure
* Markers
* Ballpean hammer
* Metal punch
* Dremel with grinding drum
* Dust Collection System (optional)
Drill press dust collection adapter (optional)
* Drill bit sizer
* Deburring tool
* Screw drivers

<p>That looks really nice, Great job!</p>
Thanks. It's still going strong and a project that we use several times a week.
&quot;You'll notice that my axle brackets have changed orientation. This is because they were sitting so low they hit the nuts.&quot;<br /> <br /> Must...resist...juvenile....joke....<br />
You're self control is truly amazing. :)
That's very tidy, quality craftsmanship. Any plans to paint / decorate it?<br /> <br /> L<br />
I've tought about it. My brother suggested painting it up like a Radio Flyer wagon, and having the phrase &quot;Execrement Express&quot; on the side. I may do this when weather gets warmer.

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