Step 5: Electric Lemon

Picture of Electric Lemon
Lemons can give you electricity! 

1. roll the lemon to get the juices
2. Cut 2 slits in the lemon
3. in one slit place a dime, the other use a penny.
4. Now you have electricity from a lemon, you can test how much with a multimeter.
You can also use 3 lemons in 1L (1000cc) of water to produce a stop bath when developing photo films and prints ;)
Shiftlock4 years ago
I don't know if it matters, but pennies dated before 1982 are all copper, and pennies dated after 1982 are copper-coated zinc. Pennies with a date of 1982 can be either, I believe.

Would be interesting to try this with a pre-1982 penny and a post-1982 penny, and see if there's a noticeable voltage difference. Also to try nickels and quarters instead of a dime.