Step 2: Change "Autocorrect" Settings

This prank changes the settings in the Autocorrect feature found in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Outlook:

1. Open up Microsoft Word or Outlook and find the Autocorrect settings in options (the location of it varies depending on which version you have).
2. You can choose any word to be replaced by any other word you may want. For example, you can chose to have the word "the" replaced by the word "idiot".
3. When you have created an autocorrect rule, click the Add button and then click OK.

Now when anyone types the word "the", it is going to be replaced by "idiot" automatically. To remove this prank, just remove these rules from the autocorrect settings.
Here's an oldie. Take a screen dump of the desktop, make it the background image, then move all the icons "elsewhere", and speed up the mouse clicks.
These are nice but they should have added CTRL+ALT and ARROW key.&nbsp; this flips the display in the direction of the arrow key (i.e. CTRL+ALT &amp; down arrow turn the monitor upside down)<br />
Does the CTRL&nbsp;+ ALT&nbsp;+&nbsp;down work with Vista?
Yeah it works with vista, the system usually needs an Intel graphics card.
<p>That is awesome!</p>
When I try to download things from RJL pranks, Mcafee says there is a trojan virus in it and deletes it!! wtf??!!
Hehe at home and at school if you hit shift+alt+PrtSc it goes in to high conrast mode its sooo funy =P<br />
awwww this is AWESOME
&nbsp;Scary, I accidentally did this and my dad was like: &quot;What the hell man, you need glasses, stop messing wit it *press shutdown &nbsp;button*&quot;
ha ha! : )
&nbsp;On a Mac to reverse the colors just hit ctrl-option-command-8. Since this is pretty widely known, go to keyboard prefs and go to keyboard shortcuts. Find the screen changing thing and change it to something else. Have fun :)
good stuff. Is there an autocorrect feature in OpenOffice.org 3? That's what I use everyday.
yes, there is. it is under tools\autocorrect. the difference between ooo3 and any other (microsoft) writer is that ooo doesn't have pre-assigned corrections. you have to enter every one individually (unless there is an extention for that that i don't know about).
The links aren't working. Can u fix 'em?

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