Part of owning a jeep is the fun of taking the doors off in the summer.

So I wanted some cheap mirrors for driving w/out my doors, and not get bothered by the police for not having mirrors. Unfortunately they are all 30$ and up so I thought (as usual) I can make cheaper ones that I won't be upset if I break while driving through the woods.

Step 1: Supplies

All you need is a $2.99 mirror from AutoZone, cheap piece of sheet metal (I had lying around), 2 old push rods I had from an old engine (any piece of durable rod will work) and a 3/8 x 2.5" bolt nut washers etc.

Other options for the rod may be heavy steel brake line cheaply found at most auto parts stores, or some solid steel rod (found at any hardware store).

have welder ..will travel .
this is awesome, i just turned 16 and i'm saving up for a car, my favorite kind of car is a jeep wrangler, this is a great idea
very nice but im wondering if it would not be more convenient to remove the mirrors on the doors and mount them on the body so that if you take off the door the mirror is still adjusted properly
That may work, I chose the hinge location because it was easiest with no permenent modification to the body. I relocated the stock mirrors originally but was not able to see as well with them there and with the full door on the jeep it limited how far I could open the passenger side door. <br> <br>That's not to say it isn't worth going that direction, I just saw mirrors that I thought I could make easilly.
one more thing to remember you don't need a passenger mirror on your vehicle just one on the drivers side
now that im thinking of it i did a radio install on a cj7 that the mirrors the windshield hinge.
really cool idea ! and probably adaptable to other vehicles. How well do they stay in place while driving? Those are some long pushrods!
I placed a flat and a locking washer in between the hinge and the nut which allows me to tighten them enough to hold them in place but still allows for adjustment. the lockwasher also keeps it from coming loose from vibration.
Nice work and simple too.
Thank you, they have worked great. I have the doors on now that it is cold but the only thing I had any issue with was getting used to the bubble type mirror. I could see more but your eyes take a second to adjust when you look at it. <br> <br>If I made another set I probably would have done more of a stitch weld so it would look nicer but with the paint I am the only one that notices.
i have no problem with adjusting to the bubble mirrors on my bike and they are good enough that on such a small vehicle i have virtually no blind spot unless they are so small they can fit in the space between my back seat and my mirror with out my peripheral vision picking them up

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