Unusual Life Hacks of Super Strong Neodymium Magnet





Introduction: Unusual Life Hacks of Super Strong Neodymium Magnet

Neodymium magnets are super strong and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Last week I showed in my Instructables how I salvaged some of them from an old DVD-ROM drive.
We saw that in each Drive there are two such magnets.

This week I will share some good life hacks that I think are really incredible , and you can use it to simplify your life .
If anyone has some other cool hack make sure to share them in the comments section.

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Step 1: Replace Paper Clips

If you don't have free magnets don't worry you can buy them from this link

http://goo.gl/DhHsHm 2$


Paper clip or paper weight are commonly used to stick papers together but Carrying them can be hectic sometimes

here is a hack that will help you hold paper easily .
This is the magnetic paper clip helps you to hold your papers

Step 2: Key Chain Hanger / Tool Hanger

I usually lose my keychain a lot . so I decided to just snap it on the holder when I come in the room.
Using a magnet and small double sided tape I made a keychain holder for my keychain .

Taking it to the next level

This hack can also work with all you hand tools ,
Tested this with screwdrivers, pliers, Even A MEASURING TAPE :P

Step 3: Battery Connector

The Best and the most useful hack is to use it as battery connector

When would you need to used magnets as connector .

  • In a case of Li-ion battery
  • In case you want to make shield that snap on boards
  • U don't have a connector

Step 4: Snack Pack Sealer

Now and then I face the problem that I start eating a snack and I don't know what to do in half way .
I either need an elastic band to wrap it to make it air tight again.

The irritating part of using bands is finding a perfect band for the task is like finding water in a desert .
And even after getting the treasure it tears.

Here instead fo bands I am using two magnets to make it an air tight container.
That is a real time saver.
Next time you go out on trips take those magnets with you.
They will help you a lot.

Step 5: Laptop Hibernator

Have you ever thought to put ur lappy to sleep without even touching the button , this can be easily done with these magnets.
This magnet being small and light is easy to keep on the laptop.

Does it work on all laptop ?

Yes ,all laptop have a hall effect sensor to turn itself into hibernation while the screen is folded try to find where it is located to hack it next time .

Step 6: Stick a Note

This one is evergreen and lovely .I guess it has been used since ages.
Are you tired of the stick note that doesn't stick at all ?

Forget using those ,use a couple of magnets to attach notes on ur refrigerator.
Or maybe your iron table or may be iron almirah.
Tell where you will stick it .

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    geetrex, great ideas; thanx. I have been looking for a magnet expert; you or a magnet-geek reader may be able to help me. About 2 1/2 years ago I went through a great deal of unanticipated stress. A family member was arrested on serious charges and sent to prison for about 18 months, I was tasked with cleaning out the place where he'd been staying, another family member went through a divorce, I developed stress shingles, and then pneumonia a month later.

    Wiithin a short time, certain items that can become disabled by strong magnets simply stopped working when placed in my hands or lap! These included two brand new TENS pain-control units, two brand new laptops (at work, no less!), a new GPS unit, and a couple of lesser devices. The laptop was brought to my office, set on the desk, set up for me by the site techie, and sent home with me. I then sat it on my lap to show my husband and the screen almost instantly began running as if on fast (and stopless) scroll. I took it back to work, swore to the techie that it had not been dropped, subjected to extremes of temperature, been anywhere near any liquid, etc. She looked doubtful but accepted it back without comment. Several weeks later she brought me a brand new replacement laptop. She sat down next to me on a bench, turned it on and set it up, then handed it carefully to me. I held the laptop firmly, set it carefully on my lap - and lo and behold! The screen immediately began to roll on fast-scroll and nothing could stop it. The site techie stared at me and I reiterated that this was exactly what had happened the first time. She had never seen anything like this before but believed what she had just seen, although she could not account for it. I concluded that the recent stress overload seriously disrupted my body's magnetism. I am not a trained scientist or medical worker and I'm really not sure how I arrived at that conclusion but I remain convinced. Can anyone venture any theories? (P.S. - I was never offered a third brand-new laptop!)

    It was certainly the magnets in this instance, I am fully aware of the workings of a hard drive. I know that it was the magnets in my case as I simply sat down and lifted the laptop onto my lap which was already on. The screen immediately went blank and when I tried to lift the laptop back onto the table the magnets which were in my pocket were "attached" through denim jeans to the bottom of the laptop. The laptop would boot but gave a no drive message. I removed the drive and the read heads were rattling inside the drive. The neodymium magnets x2 are approximately 50mm X 25mm X 10mm, they are very powerful, I use them to hold mild steel pieces in position prior to welding etc.

    I wiped my laptop by accident by placing it on my lap when I had a large magnet of this type in my pocket. Totally destroyed the hard drive!

    Be careful.

    As these types of magnets are found INSIDE of hard drives I find what you say to be silly and impossible.

    Sorry but either it never happened or it was something else totally.

    Magnets near a computer are not a problem. Magnets are used by tablet to attach keyboards or keep covers closed etc. The original problem with magnets and computers was with floppy disks. They could easily be corrupted by close proximity to a magnet.

    Number 4 should not be done, as it can ruin your computer, no magnet should be on or near your computers, do not try this hack. All other ideas are very good and thank you for those

    GREAT!!... Very good ideas!..

    My father also wiped his laptop hard disk by accident with such magnets- some data and photos irreplaceable- keep magnets well away from your laptop

    There is already one in the same place to hibernate so it wont damage the pc untill you take a huge magnet