Introduction: 5 Min Clay Christmas Ornaments

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Have you ever wished, that making a christmas ornament is as easy as meaking cookies? Now it ist, and they only need 5 Minutes to make and don't need bakin :) Have fun

Step 1: Supplies

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You need:

- Clay (air drying)
- cookie cutters
- some old table cloth or some other lace

Step 2: Roll Out Clay

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Roll out clay 5 mm thick.

Step 3: Cut Out

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Use cookie cutters to cut out the christmas ornaments.

Step 4: Add Some Texture

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If you like, add some texture using old tablecloth or lace (or similar).

Step 5: Finish

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Push holes in the ornaments and let dry.

When dry add some ribbon to hang on the christmas tree.

Have fun and enjoy.

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