5 Min Intense Ab AMRAP Workout Challenge





Introduction: 5 Min Intense Ab AMRAP Workout Challenge

This 5 min intense ab Workout challenge is AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) style and it totally burns out your complete core muscles, upper abs, lower abs, obliques, & lower back.

There are total 4 exercises in each round and the challenge is to complete as many rounds as you can to maximally burn out your ab muscles:

Exercise 1: 10 reps lying down leg raises, targets the lower abs

advanced version: 10 reps hanging leg raises

Exercise 2: 5 reps wood choppers on each side, targets the obliques

use water bottles or body weight if no access to weights

Exercise 3: 5 reps 1 inch worm + 5 plank jacks, targets the upper abs

Exercise 4: 5 reps high plank to upward facing dog, targets the lower back

Hopefully you find this fun ab workout challenge intense and effective. At the end of the workout I was really tired and abs were on fire.

For additional fun and effective ab workouts: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5eJCT09znHxgD4IYCLKdrHQOfBbOymE1



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OK thank you! I had a problem in the spine and must strengthen the muscles of the back and lose weight to get back to hold my son and be able to play with him . Thank you for help!

Very cool! Thanks for sharing! Can you help me? I need to strengthen the muscles of the back. You can tell if this exercise is ideal for me or you indicate another?

For your back muscles you need to focus on three parts, upper, lower, and middle.

Upper: pullup or lap pull downs

Middle: rows

Lower: deadlifts or rackpulls

You can try this complete back/chest workout below instead (if no weights, you can use sand, rice bag, or just water bottles):


Hopefully this helps.