Step 2: Drilling

Now for the easy, but repetitive, part.  Load up your drill and start drilling each hole you punched in Step 1.  I found that a faster bit speed made for cleaner holes with less burrs that I had to file down after the fact.  The picture shows my chosen hole pattern after I completed the drilling.  There isn't much science behind the pattern itself, so go with whatever you like.
Just ran across this project--what a great idea! I have so many jars and lids around, and I love being able to re-purpose. I might try with a regular lid, as well as with a plastic one I have lying around to see if I have a preference. Thanks for sharing!
Drill a few holes in an extra lid from a 32 ounce Nalgene water bottle. Not quite as elegant but no rust.
Great idea! You could also use one of the plastic lids from Ball to the same effect.
So cool! I love being able to use things I already have around my kitchen. No uni-tasker tools here. Thank you for the great idea.
Awesome hack! Do the holes ever get rusty?
I haven't had any rust yet but I live in a very dry place and I've only used the shaker for a few days. That said, I think it's pretty much inevitable that the strainer will rust at some point. At that point you can drill a fresh one and keep on shaking.

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