Step 3: Finishing

Nearly complete.  Now it's time to quickly file away the burrs left from drilling with the round file (or pointy rock).  You don't have to get every hole perfectly smooth, but you do want to get any burrs that even slightly loose off of there.  Despite what you may have heard, tiny metal bits don't make the cocktails better.

You think you're done?  You've only just begun!
Just ran across this project--what a great idea! I have so many jars and lids around, and I love being able to re-purpose. I might try with a regular lid, as well as with a plastic one I have lying around to see if I have a preference. Thanks for sharing!
Drill a few holes in an extra lid from a 32 ounce Nalgene water bottle. Not quite as elegant but no rust.
Great idea! You could also use one of the plastic lids from Ball to the same effect.
So cool! I love being able to use things I already have around my kitchen. No uni-tasker tools here. Thank you for the great idea.
Awesome hack! Do the holes ever get rusty?
I haven't had any rust yet but I live in a very dry place and I've only used the shaker for a few days. That said, I think it's pretty much inevitable that the strainer will rust at some point. At that point you can drill a fresh one and keep on shaking.

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