video 5 Minute Cake . . . In 30 Seconds!
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Have you ever just wanted cake and couldn't (or wouldn't) because you can't cook? Well if you can measure a table spoon and you have a microwave, then you can make cake! This easy cake is usually prepared and made in about 5 minutes (hence, the name). It tastes like any other cake, and this is why I like it so much.

Surprise! Not a magic trick! Same person. Same jacket. Different subject!

If you don't want vannila cake, you can make chocolate, too (I personally think the chocolate tastes better). Instead of a big splash of vanilla at the end you will want to mix 2 table spoons of coco powder with the flour and sugar. and instead of that big splash at the end, just put a small splash. It needs that flavor, still.

Add a little icing and you have cake!
curbowman2 years ago
Being the spelling freak I am, I noticed you wrote "coco powder" instead of "cocoa". However... in spanish, coco = coconut. A coconut cake? Yummy!
awsome.............. yum
Morrighan5 years ago
WOW too fast for me!! XD
Is canola oil sunflower oil?
saxmaster765 (author)  Millawi Legend5 years ago
 Canola oil.  I've never tried sunflower oil, but it would probably work.
shadowswan5 years ago
Tastes good and damn fast - for those times spent staring at the fridge looking for food! - By vanilla flavour do you use vanilla extract?
saxmaster765 (author)  shadowswan5 years ago
I don't think it matters. Just add a splash at the end. No a huge one, but good enough to give it flavor. Best part about this cake . . . You don't really have to be a cook to make this! Please vote! I appreciate this feedback!
Hi! is there a way to substitute the canola oil?
saxmaster765 (author)  kewlaskambe5 years ago
I've used olive oil in the past. I don't think it makes a difference..
I once made a bet that I could make a lunch from scratch in ten minutes, including appetizer, main, and dessert. This would have been very useful for the dessert part. Nice instructable.

P.S. I ended up making english muffin pizzas with fruit salad and a milkshake.
YUM. Im getting hungry. better make this soon!!!
saxmaster765 (author)  NatureBoom215 years ago
You should. It tastes better in person than through a computer! Trust me on this, I know.
lol im making this tomorrow.
I voted and rated 5*s
saxmaster765 (author)  NatureBoom215 years ago
Thank you! I appriciate the fact that you like it! Tell your friends! Hee hee . . .
yummy in my tummy
xtroublex6 years ago
This is the perfect "munchies" food!
saxmaster765 (author)  xtroublex6 years ago
Thank you! I find it fast and easy! Next time you're hungry and you think there's nothing to eat, make cake. 5 minute cake that is! Glad you like it.