Picture of 5 Minute Camera Handlebar Mount
I really enjoy biking, and I thought it would be neat to have a camera mounted on the handlebars. I did some thinking, and created this. I found that for the time and money it took to make, the outcome is pretty decent. So here are the instructions to make it.


First, here’s why it’s cool. Filming from your bike opens up a new frame for discovery. I am building an electric bike, and I can use this to film my rides so I don’t have to try and steer, brake, shift gears, operate the throttle, and hold a camera. This usually results in shaky footage and the occasional biking accident. This system is very robust, so you get minimal vibrations. It’s very fun to go on a bike ride, film the entire thing, and then speed up the footage and have an awesome time lapse.

This mount works with any camera that has a hole in the bottom to screw on a tripod. The way it works is you have a pipe (band) clamp with a bolt going through it. The bolt screws into the hole in the camera and the pipe clamp tightens onto the handlebars. 
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Step 1: Here’s What You Need

Picture of Here’s What You Need
photo 4.JPG
photo 3.JPG
You need the following items:

1.  1/4” bolt or machine screw, 1/2” long (it can be cut shorter, be sure it fits the hole in the bottom of your camera)
2.  Large washer
3. Pipe clamp that fits around your handlebars (mine is about 13cm long)

You need the following tools:
1.  1/4” drill bit
2.  Electric dril
3.  Screwdriver or wrench to tighten your machine screw and the pipe clamp

namrepusmt12 days ago

the best, the cheapest and the easiest to do bicycle mount that i saw... thanks for the idea...

Cuitlahuac1 year ago
Simple and effective, thank's for sharing!
Liam.great98 (author)  Cuitlahuac1 year ago
Yes, the simplicity is a substantial part. Thanks!