5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake





Introduction: 5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake

This is vaunted as "the worlds most dangerous recipe in the world" - why?

Because once you know it you're only 5 minuets away from chocolate cake at any time of day or night!

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Step 1: Get Your Stuff Together!

 1. Gather your ingredients and equipment:

Vegetable or Sunflower oil
Plain Flour
1 Large Egg
Chocolate chips (optional)

Large Coffee Mug
15ml Scoop (or tablespoon)
1-2 serving bowls
1-2 desert spoons

Cream or Icecream (to serve)

Step 2: Mix Dry

 2. Add to the mug:

2 scoops coco
4 scoops flour
4 scoops sugar

mix well with the fork

Step 3: Mix Wet

 3. Add to the Mug

The Egg

Mix well with fork

3 scoops milk
3 scoops oil

mix well with fork

If using Chocolate chips, stir in up to 3 scoops of them now.

Step 4: NUKE!!!

 4. Cook

Microwave on high for 3 minutes (based on 1000w oven)

If your oven isn't 1000w, use the conversion tool here to calculate your cooking time.

The cake will fill (or possibly even rise above) your mug.

Step 5: Noms!

 5. Serve

Run a knife around the inside of the mug, and dump the cake out. If desired it may be cut in half, and (if you're feeling generous) shared.

Serve with cream or icecream.

Eat at once - it does not keep well.



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    I just made this, and OH MY! Quite possibly my new favourite for a quick sweet snack =P I love baking and all anyway, but this is just so simple and tastes GORGEOUS! I think I'm in love... =-D

    I made this cake multiple times now and can report that it is tasty but the texture is different from anything I have ever had. The texture is more spongy than I would think a cake would be.

    Yeah, something about mutations... ...Yummy mutations... On the over all topic, it is very delicious! Will make again, will enjoy again.

    OMG!!! This it the best thing I've done with five minutes of my life!!!

    My recipe is a bit different but is AMAZING! 4 T flour, 4 T sugar, 2 T Hershey's or Baker's Cocoa powder, stir well. Add 1 large egg and beat then blend it to dry mixture. Slowly add 3 T whole milk, 3 T Wesson oil, and blend very well, breaking up small clumps as you go. Add 3 T semi-sweet chocolate chip morsels and blend in well. Stir in, add a splash of real vanilla, then stir again. Microwave at 900 Watts at full for 4 minutes. Top well be spongy and moist, bottom well be gooey. Looks similar to a lava cake, but tastes a LOT better! I serve transferred to a bowl, sliced in half, from top to bottom, and then opened up in the bowl. On this I add 3 scoops of triple vanilla ice cream, which is then topped with whipped cream. As a crowning touch, I drizzle a bit of Hershey's chocolate syrup right on top. Irresistable!

    It was a bit dry so i added some butter the next time i made it and that did a lot to moisten it. Plus you might want to spray the cup and mix all the stuff in a bowl then put it it so it doesn't stick. that's what i did. Hope that helps! Was really yummy! (:

    I just made this cake and it was simply delicious! It was my first successful cake in a long time... TIP: Top with whipping cream for extra deliciousness.

    maybe the quality of my ingredients aren't great..i made with cadbury's cocoa..and i felt the chocolate could have been more enhanced...i shud stick to hershey's hereafter.

    idk about u guys but this was pretty disgusting!!
    Uggh! Idk if I made a mistake or something but it was so crumbly and bits of it was hard! Now I feel really sick. (vomit)