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Introduction: 5 Minute Ghost in a Mirror

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This is a simple, fast way to add just that extra element of spookiness to your Halloween decor. You've probably got everything you need already. So let's get started!!

Step 1: Supplies

You need: a mirror, some white glue (school glue works just fine) and a paint brush.
Optional supplies include: painter's tape (if you can't remove your mirror from its frame), blending gel or craft paint extender, fine glitter

Step 2: Haunting

Decide what ghostly image you'd like to paint. Keep it simple. A head, a body, maybe and arm or two will work just fine. Play with the design a little. This process is so simple that you can repeat it over and over without wasting much in the way of materials or time. It takes just a few minutes to create your ghost (but perhaps an hour to dry).

If your design will extend to the edge of the frame, remove your mirror from its frame, if possible. If this is not possible or if it is really difficult, mask off the edges of your mirror to prevent painting glue onto them.

Using the point of your glue bottle or a brush loaded with glue, paint an outline of your ghost, including eye and mouth holes onto the plain side of your mirror glass. Work quickly--no need to be fussy or exact. Then use your brush, loaded with glue, to fill the rest of the design. Work fast and smooth out the glue so it's relatively even (unless you don't want it to be!)

Let the paint dry and replace the mirror in your frame. If you've taped-off the frame, you might want to use a sharp craft knife the trim any glue overlapping onto the tape before removing it.


Step 3: Options

  • There are plenty of options here. For increased working time for spreading the glue, you can add blending gel or paint extender. You can add a little or a lot to the glue -- up to half gel, half glue. I used a craft acrylic blending gel. Because it thins out the glue, it results in a less opaque ghostly image.
  • Glitter! While your glue is still wet, you can sprinkle very fine glitter on it, in whatever color you'd like.
  • Add just a touch of color to your glue with a few drops of acrylic craft paint. Make a filthy gray ghost, a luminescent ghost with glow-in-the-dark paint, or make a funky purple specter. It's up to you!
  • Don't use a mirror. These ghosts can be added to any piece of glass-framed art. Just paint your ghost onto the outside of the glass. Is that a ghost trapped in that picture?! Spooky!!

Step 4: Removal

Removing your ghost is dead easy. Simply peel it off using a razor scraper.



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    what a cool idea ! I have a mirror that didn't get used in another prop so look for this in our HAUNT. Thank you for sharing

    Wow. . . Easy and clever. I knew that glue would be useful for something.

    I did this last year. Super easy and a great addition to Halloween decor. I will get pictures this year. Thanks for the Instructable!

    I did this last year. Super easy and a great addition to Halloween decor. I will get pictures this year. Thanks for the Instructable!

    I did this last year. Super easy and a great addition to Halloween decor. I will get pictures this year. Thanks for the Instructable!

    OK so I had a mirror in the HAUNTS bathroom, I took my 3yo granddaughter and a bottle of white glue and using my finger tried to "paint" her face shape on the mirror. "what are you doing pop?" I'm painting a ghost if you'll stay still and look in the mirror. " are you painting a sara ghost pop?" yes I am, please look in the mirror"why are you painting a sara ghost pop, are you going to paint a pop ghost pop?" no just a sara ghost if sara will just stop looking away from the mirror "NO POP ! you have to paint a pop ghost up there" Ok ok I'll paint a pop ghost " No Pop the pop ghost has to smile"..........

    You're right they are difficult to photograph but they look really cool and stencils are a LOT easier to use than a 3yo girl model !


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    securitymary, turn off your caps lock your scaring the children.

    Hey, be polite. She's a grandma on the internet--something we should encourage (God knows I can't get my mother to use Google, much less find Instructables).

    But he is right, Ma'am--having your Caps Lock on is perceived as shouting, and hard for people to read. If you have it on because lowercase text is hard on your eyes, you can make your screen font larger. If that's the case, let me know via reply to this comment and I'll walk you through changing the text size.

    Back on the subject matter, this is pretty cool--wish I could figure out how to make a mirrored surface with a ghost in the background.

    Hey CEVMarauder, not to hyjack here, the one starshipminivan did was really cool, but to answer your question...

    What if you hang a clean sheet of glass on fishing line somewhat out of sight across from the mirror, then when someone walks into view of the mirror and see themselves you could use this trick from several Disney theme parks known as 'Pepper's Ghost Effect':
    Then the ghost would appear in the mirror behind the person looking at themselves freaking them out if they were unaware I'm sure.
    Use this with some really spooky ghost like costume and a few hidden speakers with rattling chain sound effects and such ... Could really be awesome.

    i used petroleum jelly to do this but the clean up was awful

    Cool idea! Haven't seen that one before...might just have to try that in the bathroom this year....Moaning Myrtle may be making an appearance at our Hogwarts party! Cheers!

    Spray clear varnish and throw instant mashed-patato powder on it also looks great under a black-light. The clear varnish can easily be taken of wit a new separate box-cutter knife.

    Thank you! I had a lot of trouble photographing them. The most translucent ones didn't make it into my instructions.