5 Minute Perfect Deli-style Egg Bagel Sandwich in Microwave - Yummy

Picture of 5 Minute Perfect Deli-style Egg Bagel Sandwich in Microwave - Yummy
I love egg sandwiches, especially on bagels or croissants from the deli or coffee shop. They're the perfect amount of protein and carbs to jump start your day, especially with a really good cup of coffee.

You may be surprised to know that you can make one of these sandwiches really quickly at home with you microwave - no previous experience or culinary skills required! No pans, spatulas, or big clean-up chores afterwards. And when rushing out the door to work, these are as quick as a bowl of instant oatmeal.

You probably have the ingredients in your kitchen already. If not, they're cheap and easy to include in your next trip to the store.

So let's get started....

Disclaimer: This sandwich is not associated with nor endorsed by Disney Corp. Any likeness to any Disney logos in any photographs in this Instructable is absolutely and purely coincidental. You'll see what I mean....

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
You will need the following ingredients:

  • - 1-2 Fresh Eggs
  • - Fresh Bagel
  • - Some Cheese (best grated, but not essential)
  • - Knob of Butter
  • - Slice of Cooked Ham
  • - Milk (optional)
  • - Salt, Pepper, other seasoning to taste
You will need the following Tools:

  • - A microwave-safe cup
  • - Fork
  • - Paper towel
  • - Small plate
stephen.yawii4 months ago

i used walmart brand butter flavored not stick spray and it works GREAT

Awesome instructable though LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!
I don't get the Disney warning in the begining
totalblank1 year ago
Water produces a lighter egg, while milk or cream produces a smoother, creamier egg.
my favorite beverage is whiskey...am i good?
also great sandwhich
just made this but with toast and slice of cheese on the ham instead of in the egg
it was wonderful
perfect midnight snack that took less than 5 minutes to make
Just tried it. They turned out extremely fluffy and almost fell out of the cup because of that. This might be the only method of cooking eggs I'll be using for awhile.
mbc7373 years ago
Thanks dude I love it, turned out amazing I used water instead of milk last time but this morning I'm trying the milk like you suggest!
MaJonesy4 years ago
This is really great Sandwich. All I had in were these ingredients, so I didn't know what I could make, but now I've got something worth eating... XD
HamenChips4 years ago
Cute! I'll try this if I bought my one Microwave
wotot24 years ago
You're my breakfast hero
Awesome instructable, had to make mines with an onion bagel and thin sliced turkey. Being that was all that was available it is indeed true that "necessity is the mother of invention"
Dandeman3216 years ago
Nice instructable! I just moved into a dorm room for the summer and don't have a kitchen. I'll have to give this a try for my breakfasts! Thanks!