Picture of 5-Minute Pie
You read that right! Get ready to eat some pie, 'cause it's only five minutes away.

This super easy fried pie recipe utilizes premade ingredients to ensure you never have to wait for a piece of your favorite warm, flaky pie again! Keep a few different fillings on hand, and you'll be ready to entertain the troops at a moment's notice.

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
Of course, you could use fresh ingredients for this pie (in fact, I used some fresh peach filling left over from Pie Pops) and a leftover pie crust, but prefab is the fastest route between your mouth and pie.

  • Premade pie crust
  • One can filling of your choice
  • 1 1/2 cup oil (or enough to fry in)
Go ahead and start heating up that oil now (over med heat) so it will be ready for you when you're ready for it!
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starforest5 months ago

They look very yummy!

graydog1112 years ago
The only thing bad about frying them is that the crusts soak up a lot of cooking oil. They taste great, but I think they soak up about 2 tablespoons of oil per fried pie.

I cut each crust into 4 pieces, so a box of 2 Pillsbury crusts makes 8 pies. I used Wilderness canned pie filling. So far, I have made apple, cherry, and blackberry. They were all good.

I made some more using the pie crusts, but baking them for 35 minutes at 300 degrees on an insulated cookie sheet in the outdoor propane grill. They were easier, healthier, and not as messy as frying in skillet, but maybe not quiet as good. Either way, they are really good. Thanks for posting this recipe.
scoochmaroo (author)  graydog1112 years ago
Great tip!
In holland, we fill these with apples and raisins and call them "appelflappen"
I think apple flappen are baked, and not fried, though
i personally use the name appelflappen instead of apple turnovers :D
its a much cooler name !
Am I the only one who grins about the name "appelflappen"? :D BTW, I think I'm gonna try these if I ever get a pie-lust.
oHHHH......one of my favourite memories of my trip to Amsterdam was "appelflappen". Is it really just a pie dough outer crust? Somehow the texture led me to believe the outer appelflap crust was more like a puff pastry-meets-pie crust? Wow, I would love to be able to replicate a dutch appelflappen at home, or even come close...

Hmmm! Appelflappen! Delicious!
jep, very delicious :P
These look awesome!
rikardom3 years ago
Mmmmm... Haven't eaten that delicious pie for long time.
tobune3 years ago
Love it!
lepar3 years ago
It's very delicous, I could it eat every day.
mattle lepar3 years ago
Yes, indeeed!
teniva3 years ago
THATS IT!!! IM GOING TO WALMART!! lol...looks delicious!!!
CandiiKorn3 years ago
I've been looking 4 a recipe 2 make pie like this 4 a while. Glad i finally found it ;)
PJEC4 years ago
If you had leftover meat, gravy and vegetables could you bake it and turn it into a pasty?
Micizzle PJEC4 years ago
It looks like it. I love pasties b:
Me too!
ttaylor10 PJEC4 years ago
PJEC, you are so right, pasty's are so good! You should do an instructable for the pasty deprived. :)
tokin3 years ago
I love it!
sandra-14 years ago
5 minute pie! Delicious too!
I love it!
alanton4 years ago
Great idea.
torina2 alanton4 years ago
And great taste!
kokina2 torina24 years ago
Absolutely delicious.
I don't think I can get ready made pie crust but I can get ready made shortcrust is it just the same
Micizzle4 years ago
When I saw this I was like "PIE YUUUUUMMMY!!!!" I make pie all the time, and this is awesome....
pauli24 years ago
It is not difficult as I thought it would be.
antonio234 years ago
Delicious hmmm...
DHFabian4 years ago
Very similar to Russian piroshki/Polish pierogi. You can fill them with almost anything. My grandmother, an immigrant made them filled with a sort of white, sweetened cheese that was so good, but unfortunately, I don't have the recipe for it. I'm not even certain if it was sweetened cottage cheese or cream cheese.
Mmmmm pieroggi!!
My nan makes these with diced apple and sugar as a filling, or mashed potato and bacon, also sauerkraut ones too.
She boils them first, then fries them when they are ready to be eaten.
Tkdwn DHFabian4 years ago
MMm Piroška xd i take them for granted becoes of the fact that i have then in a bakery two houses away for $0.50-$1 sweet ones and salt ones.What would i do without them :( xdxd
YAY! 5 minute apple turnovers! WIN!
melisa24 years ago
Very good instructable and delicious pie!
Galahir9505 years ago
Is there another way to make them without frying them because that is way too much fat.
You can put them in the oven or pan, but that's probable going to take more then 5min
I agree, there has to be another way =(
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